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With more than 70 full-time faculty and more than 100 graduate students, the department of English is a vibrant and energetic collection of teachers, scholars, researchers, and writers. We offer three degrees: a B.A. in English, an M.A. in English with concentrations in eight different areas, and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication. We also offer an undergraduate certificate in business and technical communication and post-baccalaureate certificates in professional communication, multicultural and transnational literatures, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), and teaching English in two-year colleges.

The diversity of the department is one of its strengths: we feature courses in literature, creative writing, technical and professional communication, rhetoric and composition, multicultural and transnational literatures, linguistics, theory and criticism, folklore, children's literature, teaching English to speakers of other languages, and film studies. (See "Specialty Areas" below to learn more.)

The Department of English works closely with the University Writing Program. For more information on the UWP, please visit its pages on the Composition/Writing Foundations Program, the Bate Center, the Writing Across the Curriculum Program, and the University Writing Center.

Administration & Staff

Marianne Montgomery, Chair

Don Palumbo, Associate Chair

Laura Jolly, Lead Administrator

Michelle F. Eble, Director of Graduate Studies

Timothy Putnam, Graduate Studies Administrator

Lida Cope, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Amy Tripp, Undergraduate Studies Administrator

Tracy Morse, Director of Composition/Writing Foundations

Andrew Riggs, Composition/Writing Foundations Administrator

Ellen Farris, Administrative Assistant


Contact the Department

Department of English, Bate 2201, Greenville, NC 27858-4353  

Phone 252.328.6041 

Fax 252-328-4889

Specialty Areas

We have faculty who are expert in a number of areas:

Creative Writing - Alex Albright, John Hoppenthaler, Robert Siegel, Amber Thomas, Luke Whisnant, Lisa Wieland

Film Studies - Anna Froula, James Holte, Amanda Klein

Linguistics/TESOL - Michael Aceto, Solveig Bosse, Lida Cope, Mark Johnson

Literature - Margaret Bauer, Thomas Douglass, Helena Feder, Thomas Herron, Ronald Hoag, James Kirkland, Anne Mallory, Marianne Montgomery, Donald Palumbo, Kenneth Parille, Tom Shields, Nicole Sidhu, Laureen Tedesco, D. Wilson-Okamura

Rhetoric and Composition - Will Banks, Nicole Caswell, Joyce Middleton, Tracy Ann Morse, Wendy Sharer

Multicultural and Transnational Literatures - Jessica Bardill, Seodial Deena, Julie Fay, Marame Gueye, Su-Ching Huang, Andrea Kitta, Rick Taylor, Kristy L. Ulibarri, Reginald Watson

Technical and Professional Communication - Michael Albers, Matthew Cox, Michelle Eble, Erin Frost, Guiseppe Getto, Brent Henze, Donna Kain