VHS Conversion Request

ITCS will no longer install VHS players in newly outfitted or renovated classrooms. Faculty or departments within the college can submit a request to have VHS tape(s) used in their courses converted to DVD. University copyright policy mandates that 1) the faculty member/department owns an original version of the VHS and that 2) the faculty member or department maintain the original as proof of ownership after conversion.

Faculty who desire to have tapes converted should complete the form below then drop their tape(s) off in Bate 1002. Tape(s) must be labeled with your name, mail-stop and e-mail address.

Turnaround time for this service averages 3 business days.

Faculty and departments are asked to submit no more than 5 cassettes per request. Tapes owned by Joyner Library are not eligible for this service.

Items that can be legally streamed online at no cost will not be converted (6/4/2014).

I or my department verifies ownership of the VHS(s) begins submitted for conversion to DVD AND will maintain the original copy as proof of ownership.

I certify that this media will is for use in courses taught at East Carolina University and that I will not reproduced the media for use on-line.