HCAS International Programs Advisory Committee

Dr. Christine Avenarius (Department of Anthropology)

Dr. Shahnaz Aziz (Department of Psychology)

Dr. Alethia Cook (Department of Political Science)

Dr. Michael Dingfelder (Department of Physics)

Dr. Holly Hapke (Department of Geography)

Dr. Su-Ching Huang (Department of English)

Dr. Anthony Kennedy (Department of Chemistry)

Dr. Sitawa Kimuna (Department of Sociology)

Dr. Derek Maher (Department of Philosophy/Religious Studies Program)

Dr. Susan McRae (Department of Biology)

Dr. Siddhartha Mitra (Department of Geological Sciences)

Dr. Njinasoa Randriampiry (Department of Mathematics)

Dr. Nobuaki Takahashi (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)

Dr. Anoush Terjanian (Department of History)

Dr. Lester Zeager (Department of Economics)