Service on ECU International Committees by Harriot College Faculty

Search Committee-Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs

Taskforce for Internationalizing ECU (2007)

  • Division of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Dr. Marilyn Sheerer, Chair
  • Dr. Austin Bunch
  • Dr. Michael Bassman
  • Dr. Elmer Poe

Faculty --Academic Affairs

  • Dr. Paul Gares - Geography — A&S
  • Dr. Sylvie Debevec Henning — International Studies - A&S
  • Dr. Calvin Mercer — Religious Studies —A&S
  • Dr. Marieke Van Willigen - HCAS -A&S
  • Dr. Les Zeager - Economics - A&S
  • Dr. Ravi Paul - MIS - Business
  • Dr. Yaprak Savut - Interior Design& Merchandising - Human Ecology
  • Dr. John Tucker - Asian Studies - A&S
  • Dr. John Williams — Political Science -A&S
  • Dr. Majorie Ringler — Ed. Leadership -Education
  • Dr. Erol Ozan -Technology Systems - TCS
  • Dr. Tarek Abedel-Salam — Engineering -TCS
  • Dr. Nobuaki Takahashi- Foreign Languages and Literatures -A&S
  • Dr. Sunday Ajose - Math & Science Education – Education

Research and Graduate Studies

  • Dr. Deirdre Mageean
  • Mr. John Chinn

Office of International Affairs

  • Monica Wojciechowski
  • Rhonda Brown

Global Understanding Initiative

  • Dr. Rosina Chia


  • Dr. Christina Gustafson (Music - FAC)
  • Dr. Beverly Harju (Psychology) - A&S

Faculty Reps -Health Sciences

  • Dr Mary Kirkpatrick — Nursing – Health Sciences
  • Dr. Daniel Wong - Allied Health – Health Sciences
  • Dr. Harry Adams - BSOM – Health Sciences
  • Dr. Alex Murashov - Physiology – Health Sciences


  • Megan Montgomery (studied in Sweden) -UG - Education
  • Sally Peed (studied in Japan) - UG -International Business

International Students

  • Monika Angeleva (Bulgaria) - Graduate -MBA
  • Yoojin Suh (Korea) - UG — Nursing

Faculty from Foreign Countries

  • Dr. Kristine Karvinen (Canada) Exercise Science - HH&P
  • Dr. Michael Dingfelder (Germany) -Physics - A&S
  • Dr. Sitawa Kimuna (Kenya) Sociology -A&S

ECU Committee on International Curricular Initiatives

  • Dr. Sylvie Debevec Henning, Chair, International Studies

Rivers Endowment Advisory Committee

  • Tope Adeyemi-Bello, Department of Management, College of Business
  • Michael F. Bassman, Director, Honors Program
  • Runying Chen, Apparel, Merchandising and Interior Design, College of Human Ecology
  • Charles Coddington, Dean's Office, College of Technology and Computer Science
  • Sylvie Debevec Henning, Committee Chair, Director, MAIS
  • Hanna Jubran, School of Art, College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • Mary Kirkpatrick, Department of Adult Health Nursing, College of Nursing
  • David Gabbard, College of Education
  • William Obenour, Department of Recreation/Leisure Studies, College of Health and Human Performance
  • Mike Palmer, Department of History
  • Brandi Dudley, ex officio, Ass't Director for Study Abroad, International Affairs

Global Academic Initiatives Team

  • Rosina Chia, Team Chair, Interim Director, Academic Advising and Support Center
  • Runying Chen, Apparel, Merchandising and Interior Design, College of Human Ecology
  • Carla Jones, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Marilyn Sheerer, Provost
  • Elmer Poe, Associate Vice Chancellor for Distributed Education and Academic Information Technology
  • Lester Zeager, Department of Economics

Fulbright Committee

  • Michael F. Bassman, Director, Honors Program
  • W. David Harrison, Committee Chair, School of Social Work, College of Human Ecology
  • Beverly Harju, Department of Psychology
  • Birgit Jensen, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures