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What Can I do with a Mathematics Degree?

Mathematics teacher is the most visible and best-known career path for students of mathematics. With a mathematics degree you will be qualified to teach in most private schools. To teach at public schools in North Carolina, you will require state teaching certification, which our mathematics degree does not provide. You can, however, earn teacher certification through lateral entry. There is a national shortage of teachers in the mathematical sciences, particularly at the secondary school level. Increasing expectations for mathematical achievement for students in elementary and middle schools will ensure an increased demand for qualified mathematics teachers in those grades as well. Students hoping to teach in the elementary and middle schools will find that a minor in mathematics will significantly enhance their employment prospects. A master's degree in mathematics will give you the credentials to teach at the college level.

For more information on State Teaching Certification contact:

Department of Mathematics, Science and Instructional Technology Education (MSITE)

A mathematics degree, combined with complementary course work and good communication skills, is an excellent way to prepare for graduate study. You may wish to continue your study of mathematics or statistics at the graduate level. (At ECU, we offer a master's degree in mathematics.) But your options will be much broader. Math majors also go on to graduate programs in economics, business, computer science, as well as programs in the social and natural sciences, engineering, and architecture. In addition, mathematics is recognized as among the best preparations for law and medicine. With a strong degree in math and suitable complementary course work, your application to law or medical school will stand out from the pack!

For more information on Graduate Programs contact:

Math Graduate Coordinator: jantzenc@ecu.edu

The ECU Graduate School

ECU mathematics alumni hold a wide range of positions in the private and public sectors. They are employed by major banks, insurance companies, the U.S. military services, and high tech firms. Our graduates teach in high schools and colleges across the country. Some have gone on to professional programs in business, law, and medicine. Their ranks include PhD students, sales representatives, chartered accountants, a dentist, a private investigator, and a judge.

Our graduates have been employed by the following:

  • Advanced Micro Devices
  • Allstate Insurance
  • American General Finance
  • Bank of America
  • BB&T
  • Department of the Navy
  • DSW Electric
  • IBM
  • Kemp Enterprises
  • MCI
  • NASA
  • Nortel
  • Oracle
  • Overton's
  • Pacific Institute for Research and Development
  • Productivity Point
  • Raytheon
  • Unisys
  • USAF
  • Wachovia Bank and Trust
  • Weyerhaeuser