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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Florence Skyline, June 2010
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Degree Programs

  • ECU Course Catalog: Please consult the most recent Catalog here.

  • Minor: The minor requires 24 s.h. credit. The interdisciplinary program offers two introductory courses (MRST 2400 and 2500) and a senior/graduate-level seminar (MRST 5000). In addition, the program includes courses from a wide variety of relevant disciplines (see MRST electives below). A maximum of 6 s.h. of courses taken to meet foundations curriculum requirements may also be used to satisfy the requirements of the Medieval and Renaissance studies minor, if their content justifies it. The student's program of study must be approved by the MRST Director.

    No more than 3 s.h. of course work in the student's major field of study will be accepted for credit toward the minor. It is strongly recommended that 6 s.h. of applicable foreign language study be completed in conjunction with the minor (or major) if the student's major does not already incorporate such a requirement. Study programs abroad in Europe having prior approval of the director will be accepted for no more than 6 s.h. of credit toward the minor. Also, with prior approval from the director, additional electives not listed below will be accepted if they significantly further the student's understanding of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. Departmental prerequisites may be waived in special cases. Students should contact the MRST Director and/or their major Department Chair.

  • Major: Through the BA or BS in Multidisciplinary Studies, students may design an individualized concentration in consultation with a faculty mentor. For details, please refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog, or speak to the Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Dr. Kevin Moll.

  • Courses: The program offers three courses under the MRST heading. Completion of the Minor requires that the student complete any TWO of these courses. It is recommended that the third be taken as an elective.

MRST 2400-Introduction to Medieval Studies (3)

MRST 2500-Introduction to Renaissance Studies (3)

MRST 5000-Medieval and Renaissance Studies Seminar (3) (P: 3 s.h. in MRST or consent of director)

ART 2920. Art of the Middle Ages (3) (WI) (P: ART 1906, 1907, or consent of instructor)

ART 3930. Italian Renaissance Art: 1300-1500 (3) (P: ART 1906, 1907, or consent of instructor)

ART 3940. Italian Renaissance Art: 1500-1600 (3) (WI*) (F,S) (P: ART 1906, 1907)

ART 4900. Northern Renaissance Art History (3) (WI*) (F) (P: ART 1906, 1907, or consent of instructor)

ENGL 3000. History of British Literature to 1700 (3) (F,S) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL major, minor, or consent of dept; ENGL 1200)

ENGL 3450. Northern European Mythology (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 3600. Classics from Homer to Dante (3) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 4010. Medieval Literature (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 4020. Chaucer (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 4030. Milton (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 4050. Prose and Poetry of the English Renaissance (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 4070. Shakespeare: The Histories (3) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 4080. Shakespeare: The Comedies (3) (F,S) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

ENGL 4090. Shakespeare: The Tragedies (3) (F,S) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)

FORL 2665. Don Quixote (3) (WI) (S) (FC:HU)

FREN 3555. France of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (3) (P: FREN 3500 or consent of dept chair)

GRBK 2400. Great Books of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (3) (WI) (S-EY) (FC:HU)

HIST 3412. A History of Christianity to 1300 (3) (FC:SO) (RP: HIST 3412)

HIST 3414. The Celtic World, 700 B.C. - 1601 A.D. (3)

HIST 3415. The Middle Ages (3) (FC:SO)

HIST 3420. Early Modern Europe to 1648 (3) (FC:SO)

HIST 3480. Britain to 1688 (3) (FC:SO)

HIST 5350. The Renaissance in European History (3)

HIST 5360. The Reformation, 1450-1598 (3)

MRST 2400. Introduction to Medieval Studies (3) (FC:HU)

MRST 2500. Introduction to Renaissance Studies (3) (FC:HU)

MRST 5000. Medieval and Renaissance Studies Seminar (3) (P: 3 s.h. in MRST or consent of director)

MUSC 2225. Introduction to Early Music in the West (3) (FC:FA)

PHIL 3321. Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (3) (FC:HU) (P: 3 s.h. in PHIL or consent of instructor)

SPAN 4555. Medieval Spain (900-1499) (3) (WI) (P: SPAN 2440, 2550; or consent of dept chair)

SPAN 4556. Renaissance and Baroque Spain (1500-1681) (3) (P: SPAN 2440, 2550; or consent of dept chair)