Office of Healthy Aging Research, Education, and Services (OHARES)


Welcome to the Office of Healthy Aging Research, Education, and Services (OHARES) in East Carolina University’s Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. OHARES has grown over the years to include an active team of more than 30 ECU affiliates with graduate credentials in 25+ disciplines. These affiliates have a strong history of engaging in geriatric and gerontologically-focused research, and they have joined OHARES for the purpose of advancing its mission:

To promote healthy aging through the advancement of transdisciplinary research, education, and evidence-based services for diverse populations of older people.

OHARES affiliates work to exchange and integrate discipline-specific knowledge, methods, and resources to achieve our common goal of advancing healthy aging through transdisciplinary research, education, and service-based initiatives. Disciplines represented by our research affiliates include (but are not limited to) the following: emergency medicine, geriatric medicine, geriatric nursing, dentistry, pharmacology, kinesiology, physical education, occupational therapy, vocational therapy, nutrition, public health, public administration, biostatistics, epidemiology, health education, behavioral and cognitive psychology, clinical and health psychology, communication sciences, criminal justice, gerontology, sociology, and social work.  Please feel free to explore the various pages associated with this website for more information about OHARES, our priorities (i.e., research-, teaching-, and service-related priorities), our affiliates, featured alumni, upcoming events, resources, and ways of supporting (either financially and/or via volunteering) the OHARES mission.

Dr. John Kerbs

John J. Kerbs, MA, MSW, PhD

Director, OHARES
RW 330 Rivers Building
Telephone: 252-328-5546