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My research consists of applying physical techniques, e.g., circular dichorism (CD) spectroscopy, to biomolecular systems, primarily amyloid-like structures; e.g., spider silk, alpha-synuclein (associated with Parkinson’s disease), and PAI-1 serpins. Spider silk is of particular interest and my “Amyloidogenic nature of spider silk” (European J Biochem 269, 4159-4163 2002) demonstrating that the molecular mechanism of fibril formation of spider silk is similar to that of amyloids has generated a wide research interest (it has been cited 22 times as of July 2006). Various students have worked in my lab of spider silk related projects. These studies require the development and use a broad application of different imaging and spectroscopic techniques, principally transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and more recently synchrotron radiation circular dichroism (SR-CD).

Dr. John M. Kenney

Dr. Kenney
  • Assistant Chair Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor
  • PhD., University of New York at Stony Brook, 1985
  • Office Location: Science and Technology 554
  • Office Hours: Monday, 2:30pm-3:30pm; Tuesday and Thursday 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Telephone: (252) 328-2028
  • Email:


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Collaborators:Colin Burns, Department of Chemistry, East Carolina University, USA; Jason Bond, Department of Biology, East Carolina University, USA; Hun Lim, Department of Chemistry, East Carolina University, USA; William Allen, Department of Chemistry, East Carolina University, USA; Brage Storstein Andersen, Department of Human Genetics, University of Aarhus, Denmark; Peter Andreasen, Inst. of Molecular and Structural Biology, University of Aarhus, Denmark; Cedric Dicko, Dept. of Zoology, Oxford, UK; Poul Henning Jensen, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry, University of Aarhus, Denmark; David Knight, Dept. of Zoology, Oxford, UK; Linda O'Reilly, Dept of Biochemistry, University College, Ireland; Fritz Vollrath, Dept. of Zoology, Oxford, UK; Michael Wise, School of Biomedical and Chemical Science, University of Western Australia, Australia.