School of Music


It is an exciting time to be a percussion student at the ECU School of Music.

Percussionists at ECU are actively involved in performing music in every genre from rhythm and blues to renaissance artsongs. Our orchestra, bands, jazz bands and combos and percussion ensembles will keep you busy rehearsing and performing on campus and off.

Please feel free to visit any of our web pages to find out about the exciting ways that ECU percussionists are learning about music and to see what we have to offer you! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.

Please click on the titles below to enjoy some clips of the ECU Percussion Ensemble performing.

#1 "Hora Stacatto" Dinicu/Heifitz/Wacker This classic piece for violin has been arranged for xylophone solo and marimba ensemble accompaniment. ECU student Rick Chapman plays the solo here.

#2 "Wired" by Lynn Glassock This piece for percussion quartet was a composition contest prize winner from the Percussive Arts Society.

#3 "Two Movements for Mallets" by William Steinhort "Two Movements for Mallets" challenges the precision, dynamic sensitivity and ensemble playing of the performers.

Dr. Jonathan Wacker
Director of Percussion Studies
Fletcher School of Music