School of Music

Vocal Studies 

Graduate Studies in Choral Conducting at East Carolina University

The School of Music at East Carolina University offers you two master of music degrees that provide intensive study in choral conducting.

  • The M. M., concentration in choral conducting, is designed for the outstanding musician who aspires to a career as a professional choral conductor. The M. M. curriculum consists of a combination of weekly lessons and seminars focusing on manual conducting technique, effective score study, rehearsal preparation and the myriad elements for running a successful choral program. Graduate conductors have the opportunity to select repertoire for and conduct the ECU Collegiate Choir, an ensemble 100% managed and directed by graduate conductors. Frequent, consistent podium time with the university's choral ensembles and weekly private lessons with the director of choral activities are an essential part of the degree. Students also enroll in voice and/or keyboard lessons, study choral literature, and enjoy a rich curriculum of upper-level theory, history, diction and other elective courses.

  • The M. M., concentration in sacred music, choral conducting, is geared for the talented and motivated musician intending to dedicate him/herself to a career in the religious arts. In addition to an intensive curriculum of conducting techniques, choral singing, and choral literature, this degree program includes seminars and internships emphasizing the philosophy of sacred music, organ study, hymnology, organ pedagogy, the history of sacred music and other pertinent areas of knowledge.
Auditions for the M. M., concentration in Choral Conducting
The audition process for the M. M., concentration in choral conducting consists of two components: an initial pre-screening and an on-campus audition.
A. Initial pre-screening

To be considered for an audition, applicants must:
1)   Submit an application to the Graduate School
2)   Submit video/audio footage of the following:
           a.     a video recording showing the candidate rehearsing two  
                   contrasting choral pieces (a maximum of 10 minutes in
            b.    a video recording showing the candidate in a performance
                   with a choral ensemble (a maximum of 6 minutes in length)
            c.     an audio or video recording of the candidate’s singing,
                    including a sample of vocalization and a performance of an
                    art song or aria
All pre-screening materials are to be submitted to Dr. James Franklin by December 15, 2018.
B. On-campus audition

Dr. Franklin will review materials over winter break and contact candidates by January 4, 2019.  On-campus auditions will be held Monday, February 4 and Tuesday, February 5, 2019.


Graduate assistantships are available on a yearly basis in both conducting degree programs, as are out-of-state tuition waivers.

For additional information contact Dr. James Franklin, Director of Choral Activities.