The NC Agromedicine Institute is a University of North Carolina Institute.

Member Universities:
East Carolina University
North Carolina State University
NC Agricultural & Technical State University

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  • Watch this! An inspiring work and a great video including the NCSU students, NC AgrAbility and the farmer Pamela Martin in Franklin County. Thanks to the tremendous support from NC Farm Bureau and John Lambeth!

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The North Carolina Agromedicine Institute is happy to introduce NC AgrAbility; a federally funded project whose mission is to provide farmers with disabilities throughout North Carolina with the education and assistance they need to live successful lives in production agriculture or agriculture related occupations.

AgrAbility is sponsored by the U.S.D.A and consists of national, state (currently serving 24 states) and regional projects. Each of these projects involve collaborative partnerships between land grant universities and various non-profit disability service organizations.

NC AgrAbility is a collaborative partnership between North Carolina A & T State University, East Carolina University, North Carolina State University and DisAbility Resource Center for Independent Living. Like the unique agricultural diversity of North Carolina, NC AgrAbility has a wide variety of services to offer thanks to the many specialties of our partners. If you or someone you know could benefit from AgrAbility services or would like to learn more about this program please email Michele Proctor at or call 828.302.5442. you can also learn more at the National AgrAbility Website

National AgrAbility Video: It's About Hope