The NC Agromedicine Institute is a University of North Carolina Institute.

Member Universities:
East Carolina University
North Carolina State University
NC Agricultural & Technical State University
Education/ Outreach
Southern Coastal Agromedicine Center

Core Education/Outreach

  1. Educating Agricultural and Health Practitioners about the Agricultural Health Study
  2. Timber Medic Certification Program
  3. Use of Cultural Ergonomic Approaches to Prevent Pesticide Exposure

Core Feasibility Education/Outreach

  1. Agromedicine at the Grassroots I
  2. Arthropod Allergens: Distribution and Mitigation Strategies to Reduce Cockroach Allergens in Swine Farms and Workers’ Homes
  3. Bringing Diversity to the Alabama Agromedicine Farm Family Study
  4. Communicating Effectively with Migrant Head Start Families: Indigenous Language Project
  5. Crossing Borders: EC Scholars Educational Immersion Program in the Migrant Latino Community
  6. Development of a Medical School Curriculum to Provide Knowledge and Training in Treating the Injuries/Illness Associated with the Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry Industries of Eastern North Carolina
  7. Development of an Off-Road Vehicle Data Acquisition System for Assessing the Influences of Vehicle Shock and Vibration on Operator Health and Safety
  8. Farmworker Institute Summit and Networking Event
  9. Food Security and the Diets of Young Latino Children from Migrant Farm Worker Families
  10. Gold Star Growers
  11. Hispanic Farm Safety Day: A Model Program
  12. Mountain Pesticide Education and Safety Outreach (PESO)
  13. North Carolina Farmscape Interactive Modeling
  14. Reducing Potential Tobacco Nitrosamine Levels and Skin Cancer for Tobacco Farm Workers
  15. Temporada de Fresas
  16. Unintentional Farm Fatalities in North Carolina 1998-2002
  17. Workplace Safety for Agricultural Workers