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The NC Agromedicine Institute is a University of North Carolina Institute.

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East Carolina University
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NC Farm Vehicle Roadway Safety Study
Project Name: North Carolina Farm Vehicle Roadway Safety Study

Principal Investigator: Michael D. Schulman, PhD., North Carolina State University

Project Type: Core Research

Project Description: The long term objective of this project is to address NC farmers’ health and safety concerns about the risk of farm vehicle safety of public roads. This problem is increasing as the urban population moves out into traditionally rural areas. This project is a state wide study of farmers regarding farm vehicle risk factors and behaviors leading to crashes and near misses on public roads. A randomized population based case control study design is being used targeting 400 NC farmers by phone survey. Cases are NC farmers reporting a farm vehicle crash within the last 12 months (obtained from NC accident reports). Controls are selected from the NC farmer population using a stratified randomization sampling strategy.

Project Accomplishments:

Outcome Assessment Report

Presentation: Risk factors for farm vehicle public road crashes

Poster: Risk factors for farm vehicle public road crashes

Publication: Accident Analysis and Prevention Corresponding author: Prof. Michael D. Schulman First author: Dr. T.M. Costello. Final version published online: 27-DEC-2008