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Farm Equipment Motor Vehicle Roadway Safety Conference

April 8, 2010


  • Rick Blaylock, District Director, US Department of Labor, Wage Hour Division · Cliff Braam, Engineer, NC Department of Transportation Safety Division · Steve Brinn, Regional Claims Manager, NC Farm Bureau Insurance · Theresa Costello, PhD., Center for Holistic Transformation, Social Research and Action · Bryan Crook, Senior Executive, NC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance · Sean Harding, Southside Farms · Norman Harrell, Agriculture Extension Agent, Wilson County Cooperative Extension · Regina Luginbuhl, Agricultural Safety & Health Bureau, NC Department of Labor · Don Nail, Asst. Director, Governor’s Highway Safety Program · Eric Rodgman, MPH, UNC Highway Safety Research Center · Michael Schulman, PhD., NC State University

     The goal of the conference was to identify the extent of FEMV safety problems in the state of North Carolina and to discuss with partners how to best address these problems at a state, regional and local level.  Presenters were invited to share information about FEMV safety within their field of expertise.  Participants included researchers, law enforcement, regulatory agencies, insurance representatives, Cooperative Extension, a family member of a FEMV crash victim, farmers, representatives of county Farm Bureaus and others.  Topics covered included current research and statistics, FEMV education efforts, highway safety campaigns in North Carolina, and insurance considerations.  After the presentations, participants were divided into groups to prioritize problems, discuss future opportunities for collaboration on identified solutions and to identify other organizations/resources that might be available to assist with solutions.



Risk Factors for Farm Vehicle Public Road Crashes
Crashes Involving Farm Tractors and Other Farm Vehicles/Equipment in NC 2003 to 2008: an Update
Light and Reflect
Be Safe - Be Seen
Overview of Highway Safety in NC and Other Effective Safety Campaigns 
Transportation Requirements: The Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA)
Insurance Considerations


Hazard Alert: Traffic and Transportation Safety for the Agriculture Industry (English)
Hazard Alert: Traffic and Transportation Safety for the Agriculture Industry (Spanish)
Crashes Involving Farm Tractors and Other Farm Vehicles/Equipment in North Carolina: 2003 to 2008
Information on Farm Equipment from NC Drivers Handbook
Group Discussion Summary