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Agricultural Injury and Illness Surveillance Project – Phase ll
Project Name: Agricultural Injury and Illness Surveillance Project – Phase ll

Principal Investigators: Martha I. Arrieta, MD, MPH

Project Type: Core Research

Project Description: This project is the second phase of a study aiming at the development of a surveillance system to quantify the occurrence of agricultural injuries and illnesses in selected Florida counties, with an emphasis on conditions experienced by workers in crop agriculture. Phases I and II of the study consist of Retrospective Surveillance of visits registered at Rural Health Clinics in Hillsborough County.

During Phase I, the research team developed instruments and procedures for data collection, and gathered information pertaining to three sets of conditions: (a) Musculoskeletal problems; (b) Dermatoses; (c) Pesticide related problems. Phase I was conducted between October 2000 and June 2001.

Phase II aimed at expanding the retrospective surveillance component to cover outpatient visits due to three additional sets of conditions known to affect workers in crop agriculture:

  1. Eye problems;
  2. Allergic rhinitis;
  3. Respiratory conditions(3).

Project Accomplishments:

Preliminary Report

Annual Report 2002

Case Definition Form

Data Collection Form