Our Staff

Office Staff

Ethel White

Business Services Coordinator
(252) 744-2678

Brenda Smith

Administrative Support Specialist
(252) 744-2675

Professional Research Staff

Kristen Register Carraway
  • Grew up in Kinston, NC but moved to Winterville from Swansboro, NC.
  • Campbell University for Biology and ECU for Teaching
  • Research Focus: (Dr. Mansfield's Lab)
Jianming Chen
  • Research Focus: (Dr. Bridges' Lab)
Amanda Fisher
  • Born Potsdam, NY and raised in San Antonio, TX
  • B.S. from The University of Texas at Austin in Neurobiology
  • Research Focus: Regulation of Striated and Smooth Muscle Contraction (Dr. Chalovich's Lab)
Kristen Hall
  • Born and raised in Kinston, NC.
  • Received a BS in Biology from East Carolina University.
  • Research Focus: (Dr. Schwalbe's Lab)
Jenna Hoffman
  • Raised in NJ
  • B.S. in Biochemistry from Loyola University Maryland
  • Research Focus: mRNA Translational Control (Dr. Keiper's Lab)
Patti Shaver
  • Born Columbia, SC
  • B.S. in English with a minor in Biology from East Carolina University
  • Research Focus: Research Focus: Regulation of growth hormone expression and GH receptor signal transduction and the effects of growth hormone on tumorigensis¬†(Dr. Shewchuk's Lab)
Mark Strausbauch
  • Born and raised in Greenville, NC
  • B.S. in Marine Biology from UNC at Wilmington (2000) & NC Teaching Certificate for 9th-12th grade science from UNC at Wilmington (2002)
  • Research Focus: Mechanisms of Intiation and elongation/translocation & Molecular Mechanism for the Fidelity of Transcription as Catalyzed by E. coli RNA polymerase (Dr. Johnson's Lab)
Evan Wells
  • Born and raised in Eastern NC
  • B.S. Biochemistry/B.A. Chemistry, East Carolina University (2013)
  • Research Focus: Enzyme kinetics and biochemistry of plaque forming neurodegenerative diseases. (Dr. Tonya Zeczycki's Lab)
Rasagna Kosaraju, Traci Davis, Matthew Macdougall
  • (Drs. Shaikh and Cabot Labs)