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 About Us

Consistent with the Brody School of Medicine's mission of diversity, the Office of Diversity Affairs at BSOM was established with the mission to enhance awareness and knowledge of diversity and to act as an advocate and resource for students, residents, faculty, staff, and administration at the Brody School of Medicine. It seeks to create and maintain an environment friendly to all members of the BSOM community, thereby eliminating unnecessary barriers to learning and productivity. Diversity is a resource BSOM takes advantage of as it produces excellent physicians and provides excellent medical care.

We Educate!
  • Sponsor/Co-sponsor workshops and speakers related to various diversity topics
  • Provide information about scholarship opportunities
  • Provide educational material, brochures, flyers, and posters on diversity events and topics
  • Educate on slurs and microaggressions
We Share Novel Experiences!
  • Encourage an open dialogue among students, staff, and faculty related to diversity issues
  • Sponsor diversity discussions/events
  • Provide scholarship information for diverse summer experiences
We Create Community!
  • Encourage input from student, staff, and faculty for diversity initiatives
  • Support events sponsored by student organizations
  • Recognize/commemorate holidays of many cultures
  • Encourage everyone to utilize ODA as a resource
We are a Comforting Physical Presence!
  • ODA personnel are Safe Zone trained
  • Promote a friendly office environment where all are welcome
  • Encourage an environment of open feelings and open minds
We Establish a Presence!
  • Sponsor ongoing projects to promote and encourage diversity at Brody and in the community
  • Maintain and regularly update the ODA website with events, announcements, and opportunities

The Brody School of Medicine established a three-fold mission in 1974 that continues to serve as a guiding framework for our overall educational efforts
  • To increase the supply of primary care physicians to serve North Carolina
  • To improve the health status of citizens in eastern North Carolina
  • To enhance the access of minority and disadvantaged students to a medical education

The mission of the Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) at East Carolina University is to 1) increase the supply of primary care physicians to serve the state of North Carolina, 2) improve the health status of citizens in Eastern North Carolina, and 3) enhance the access of minority and disadvantaged students to a medical education. Recognizing that exceptionally qualified students, faculty, and staff from a variety of backgrounds are essential to achieving this mission, the BSOM is steadfast in its commitment to:
  • fostering an open-minded, inclusive environment that recognizes, respects, values, and supports diversity among patients, students, faculty and staff
  • recruiting, facilitating the success of, and retaining students, faculty, and staff who represent diversity in such areas as gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic and geographic background
  • enhancing student, faculty, and staff competence and expertise in caring for the citizens of Eastern North Carolina, including patients who are ethnically diverse, rural, and often disadvantaged, through the provision of high quality clinical training and biomedical and behavioral research that improves health and reduces disparities.
We strive for a diverse student body and workforce to create a climate of mutual respect for all members of our community. Through these efforts, we will have a positive impact on student education and patient care. Additionally, we will work to reduce health disparities through community engagement and population health research. Therefore, our specific diversity goals are to:

1. Increase and enhance the recruitment, advancement, and retention of women and of diverse, under-represented faculty, students, and staff by ensuring that their voices are represented on search and selection committees; providing mentoring, support services and faculty development programs; assessing departmental diversity; and supporting pipeline programs.
2. Enhance training, competence, and expertise in diversity education among students, faculty and staff through, curricular integration; professional development opportunities for faculty and staff; and extracurricular support of student activities focused on diversity, such as the Student National Medical Association, Safe Zone training, Diversity Week, and the Sexual and Gender Diversity Student Group.
3. Establish a prominent and visible presence for diversity affairs at BSOM to serve as a locus for support, resources, counseling, and planned activities.