The Brody School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs/Registrar

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M1 Year

Calendar and Curriculum Information (provided by the Office of Medical Education)

The Brody Bookstore has a list of books/supplies that are recommended each semester.

Certifications for Preceptorships

The Office of Student Affairs maintains your training and certification records.  If verifications are needed, OSA will be glad to assist.  Once you are assigned your preceptorship site, you may also find that it requires additional items.  Please see the information below to assist you.

DRUG SCREENS at 2 locations:   (not required by Brody- just FYI should an off-site preceptor ask for this later in the year)

Psychiatry Outpatient Center/ECU Physicians
Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University
905 Johns Hopkins Drive
Greenville, NC 27834

Call and request a nurse’s appointment for a drug screen. They currently do an 11 panel screen which does not included PPX. They will begin doing 12 panel screens including PPX starting mid-March 2017. Up to $25 will be reimbursed by the Dean’s Office (see Kelly Lancaster AD-47 1st floor).

ECU Student Health/Free for students with ECU insurance

Other policies may also cover this test; call your insurance company to verify. Up to $25 will be reimbursed by the Dean’s Office (see Kelly Lancaster AD-47 1st floor). ECU Student Health Services are on the east campus and will be on the west campus beginning 2017-2018. Call 328-6841 and tell them that you need a 13 panel drug screen (it includes Ecstasy and PPX).



 Go to Student Health Services:  In the purple box click “Online Student Health.” Through this link you can locate and print out your ECU immunization record.  Your flu shot record is not at Student Health, so contact Student Affairs for a copy.



 A CBC was completed upon your admission to BSOM.  It is kept in your file in the Brody Registrar’s Office in Student Affairs. Student Affairs will also help you order a new one if needed.