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Dr. David Holder Announced as First Ombudsperson for Medical Students September 26, 2013

David Holder, MD, MPH

The Brody School of Medicine is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David R. Holder as Ombudsperson for academic programs.  The role of the Ombudsperson is to provide students the opportunity to talk with an impartial faculty leader in a confidential fashion about difficulties that arise in the teaching-learning environment. The Ombudsperson will provide informal, confidential and impartial support and guidance for students, as well as assisting with the resolution of student mistreatment complaints and other concerns.  This is accomplished primarily through listening and asking strategic questions and then offering options for resolution which may include coaching regarding how the student can manage the conflict or serving as a mediator between parties. The Ombudsperson is not part of, and does not take part in, any administrative or formal complaint processes, and reports only to the Dean of the School of Medicine with annual, aggregate and de-identified reports regarding patterns of concern, or individual reports of egregious events that demand immediate attention.

Dr. Holder is a Clinical Assistance Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and a native of New York City.  He completed his undergraduate medical training at Harvard Medical School and received a Masters of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health.  Dr. Holder was trained as a general internist at Boston City Hospital before completing a two-year fellowship in adolescent medicine at Boston's Children's Hospital.  He began his academic career as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School in the Division of Pediatrics and subsequently joined the medical staff of the Brody School of Medicine in 2009. 

Students, residents or faculty interested in meeting with Dr. Holder about a concern should send an e-mail to  A staff member will assist with scheduling an appointment that meets your needs.