Class of 2014

Class of 2014

(Front Row, L-R:) Travis Belknap, Brittany Stewart, Rachael Wilson, Eric Zolayvar, and Basem Madkhali
(Second Row, L-R:) Maymoon Madkhali, Ann McConnell, Amy Rivera, Daniel Hamilton, Ashley Willis, Kristen Lane, Hillary Srsic, and Karen Sullivan
(not pictured: Jessica Holder)


Class of 2013

CLSC class of 2013a
Left to right, Mrs. Ann McConnell, Marlon Zuniga, Edith Rubio, Jose Elfego Martinez, Katherine Brett
Bouldin, Kay M. Young, Mattie Elizabeth Drummond, Angela Mayville, Tracey Joelle Ayscue, Shree
Navin Bathani, Bryan James Mayville



Class of 2012


Bottom Row, L-R, Kathleen Casto Emily Svoboda, Jennifer Sanderson
Middle Row, L-R, Ki Liu, Katie Tyson, Kate Ailstock, Brittany Whitehurst
Top Row, L-R, Austin Newcomb, Brian Gilpin, Mallory Herbold
Inserts:  Top, Courtney Culmer; Bottom, Lauren Ashley


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