Research is a vital part of the cardiovascular disease fellowship. The fundamental goals of the research component of fellow training is that all fellows learn to:

  1. Critically review scientific literature;
  2. Develop a hypothesis driven research project;
  3. Interpret and report scientific results.

These goals will be obtained by the following teaching methods:

  1. Attend and participate in monthly Journal Club.
  2. Attend and participate in monthly research conference.
  3. Attend didactic lectures on research methodology held during the directors month of the Internal Medicine Residency Program.
  4. Perform with faculty guidance, a hypothesis driven research project. The following is an expected time-line for completion of this project:
    1. Identify research mentor by June 30th of first year.
    2. Perform a literature search and present at research conference a talk reviewing the subject to be studied. To be completed by October 1st of the second year.
    3. During October of the second year, the fellow will be expected to write a research proposal outlining:
      1. Background data and the hypothesis to be tested;
      2. The population to be studied;
      3. The study protocol;
      4. Statistical analysis;
      5. Expected results.
  5. By November 15th, second year fellows will submit a research proposal to the Fellowship Evaluation Committee for approval and prior to December 31st, each second year fellow will present at another research conference their entire study design.
  6. During three months of protected time during the second year, fellows will complete the research project.
  7. By December 31st of the fellows' third year, a completed manuscript will be submitted to the Fellowship Evaluation Committee. It is expected that the results of the research project will be submitted in abstract or manuscript form to a peer review journal.
  8. Fellows will present their completed research projects at a sectional meeting.
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