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Dental Student Government (DSG)

The purpose of the Dental Student Government (DSG) is to provide a self-governing body that will represent the students of the School of Dental Medicine and guide in all academic, social, and other affairs.  It will function to accommodate the needs and address the concerns of the student body and will facilitate communication between and among students, faculty, and different organizations throughout the dental school community. The DSG will also work to devise, develop, and implement projects that will work towards the advancement of the good of the SoDM community and the profession overall. 

To learn more about the DSG officers, click here

President: Maria Isabel Baltar Rego

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Margaret Wilson

Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)

The mission of the ECU Academy of General Dentistry Chapter is to serve the needs, represent the interests, and foster the continued proficiency of the general dentist through quality leadership and continuing education to better serve and promote the oral health of the public. Our hopes are to bring in local dentists of the AGD chapter to facilitate discussions about dental topics and learn more about practice management. Our goal is to promote professional development and networking among students and AGD dentists in North Carolina. 

President: Kaitlyn Spencer

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Scholtz

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)

The purpose of this organization is to promote a better understanding and appreciation of dentistry for children among dental students at East Carolina University. Its ultimate objective is to promote oral health and oral health care for children and to foster relationships between dental students and the professional and lay communities through educational presentations, screenings and public health dental service projects supported by the ECU School of Dental Medicine in Greenville and the ECU School of Dental Medicine Service Learning Centers throughout North Carolina.

President: Leslie Pence

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alex Kordis

American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD)

The purpose of this organization is as follows: 1) to foster the public health community at ECU SoDM, 2) to promote the advancement of public health in the field of dentistry, 3) to encourage participation in the provided public health opportunities, 4) to expose students to the many aspects of public health, 5) to provide learning through community service and volunteerism, and 6) to ultimately function as the student arm of the national organization of AAPHD.

President: Puja Patel

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wanda Wright

American Dental Education Association (ADEA)

The ECU SoDM Students for ADEA thrive to support the American Dental Education Association’s hallmark of being “the sole national organization representing academic dentistry”. The American Dental Education Association prides itself to be the voice of dental education. ECU SoDM Students for ADEA stands to continue these efforts at East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine. We promote diversity, creativity, and collaboration because we believe they are valuable qualities that contribute to an optimal educational experience that is both stimulating and meaningful. Our goal is to help dental students identify and reach their professional goals by providing them with the information and guidance they need to explore different dental career paths. Additionally, we want to encourage students, who may be interested, to consider a career in academia by providing them with opportunities to be involved with the dental education community. Education, dentistry, and technology are dynamic and multifaceted in nature—this organization strives to keep the East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine student body actively involved with and informed of changes affecting the field of dentistry so that the life-long development, innovative change, and collaborative leadership which characterize dental education will continue to be upheld. 

Co-President: Ashley Schofield

Co-President: Leah Anderson 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Paquette

American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.

Please visit the ECU ASDA Facebook page here, and the ECU ASDA website here.

1st Delegate: Ryan Le 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Margaret Wilson

Christian Medical Dental Association (CMDA) 

Founded in 1931, CMDA provides programs and services supporting its mission to "change hearts in healthcare" with a current membership of more than 16,000. CMDA promotes positions and addresses policies on healthcare issues; conducts overseas medical evangelism projects; coordinates a network of Christian healthcare professionals for fellowship and professional growth; sponsors student ministries in medical and dental schools; distributes educational and inspirational resources; hosts marriage and family conferences; provides Third World missionary doctors with continuing education resources; and conducts academic exchange programs overseas.

At the local level, we hold meetings for bible study, have volunteer projects, and have speakers talk about Christian based topics.

President: Bryson Rominger 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard McCabe


The purpose of DMD is to give students the opportunity to serve our community, provide oral health education, and develop leadership skills in a team atmosphere.  Members of DMD are able to achieve these goals by working with fellow students of different classes as well as collaborating with faculty and local leaders. DMD provides students with a chance to give back to those in need and an opportunity to attend fun social events throughout the year. 

Please visit the ECU DMD Facebook page here

President: Morgan Hester 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Dyer

ECU SoDM Running Club

The ECU SoDM Running Club is a group composed of dedicated students who enjoy community and fitness. The group plans weekly runs, participates in various races (5K’s, Relay for Life, half marathons), volunteers at local running events, and sets up presentations to encourage other students to incorporate fitness and wellness into their daily routines. The mission of the ECU SoDM Running Club is to promote a standard of self-care, foster an encouraging atmosphere, and create a way to manage the stress and rigor that accompanies the dental school curriculum.

We are open to runners of all abilities! Please visit the FB page here.

Co-President: David Morrison

Co-President: Kristy Bryant

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Lindauer

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Timothy

ECU SoDM Tips from the Root

The ECU SoDM Tips from the Root Club is a group composed of dedicated students who want to further their knowledge and experience with the present and future field of endodontics. The group plans meetings, volunteers at local events, and sets up presentations to encourage other students to incorporate endodontics and its practice into their repertoire. The group’s larger mission is to encourage the student population and ECU SoDM to take an interest in the field of endodontics to better assist patients in the future. Many students graduating from this institution will be working with patients who may not have access to specialists - this club will enable dedicated students to become more comfortable with the process of RCT, its current and future research, and other relative matters.

Please visit the “Tips from the Root” Facebook page here.

President: Zachary Williams 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Lindauer

Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA)

The ECU chapter of the Hispanic Student Dental Association is a local affiliate of the national Hispanic Dental Association. The mission of the ECU HSDA is to provide dental students the opportunity to serve the growing Hispanic population of eastern North Carolina through community service and outreach, as well as create an environment to celebrate and share Latin American culture, customs, and the Spanish language.

Please visit the ECU HSDA Facebook page here

President: Laura Mercer 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Isabel Gay

Prenatal Oral Health Program (POHP)

The mission of the Prenatal Oral Health Program is to connect pregnant women in Greenville and their children to dental care they need. This will include educating both health team providers as well as their patients on the safety and importance of dental treatment during pregnancy. The ultimate objective is to promote oral health and health care for both mothers and children and to foster relationships between dental students, pregnant women, and medical providers through educational presentations, referral partnerships, and patient education resources.

President: Ljiljana Karan

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Linda May

Student National Dental Association (SNDA) 

The purpose of this organization shall be as follows: 1) To promote and encourage an increase in minority enrollment and retention in all dental schools. 2) To be committed to the improvement of the delivery of dental health to all people, with an emphasis on minorities and/or the underserved. 3) To provide time and skill in assisting those programs within the greater community which require some measure of dental treatment. 4) To contribute to the welfare of dental students. 5) To educate and involve its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of dentistry. 6) To promote a viable academic and social environment which is conducive to the mental health of minority students. 7) To aid in the transition into National Dental Association membership. 8) To help undergraduate students through assistance and support of Undergraduate Student National Dental Association chapters.

Please visit the ECU SoDM SNDA website here, and the ECU SoDM SNDA Facebook here

President: Bianca Adams 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Loren Alves 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kimberley Gise

Student Professionalism and Ethics Association (SPEA)

The purpose of SPEA is to increase the overall level of ethics and professionalism at the ECU SoDM by uniting students, faculty, staff, and the larger community. SPEA promotes lifelong thought and action in the arena of dental ethics. Through various programs, activities and associations, SPEA aims to foster an environment where ethical and professional behavior issues can be addressed in an open, unbiased forum. SPEA also aims to further the ethics education of students at ECU SoDM and help achieve the development of ethical and professional behavior in the educational setting and throughout a career.

President: Robert Barton 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Margaret Wilson

Student Research Group (SRG)

The SRG is established to further the aims and objectives of the American Association of Dental Research (AADR), International Association of Dental Research (IADR) and the National Student Research Group (NSRG) by: 1) Promoting dental and graduate student research 2) Advocating for the advancement of dental research 3) Providing professional development programs 4) Creating a community for student researchers. 

President: Maria Isabel Baltar Rego

Faculty Advisor: Dr. V. Wallace McCarlie