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Dental Student Research

Matriculating and enrolled pre-doctoral students at ECU's SoDM are eligible for selection to participate in research through a variety of experiences: in the summer prior to entering the DMD program via the Summer Research Scholars Program, through participation in the Research Selective, as well as by engaging in group research projects as part of the course Community Oral Health Practice.

2016 Celebration of Dental Research and Scholarship Posters (PDFs)

4-hydroxy-2nonenal (HNE) is a Viable Salivary Biomarker for Lipid Peroxidation in Stimulated and Unstimulated Saliva Procured from Healthy Volunteers

Alcohol Intake and Periodontitis in US Adults - A Cross Sectional Study

Community Workers’ Understanding of Barriers to Oral Health Care for Latinos

Effects of Implementing the Prenatal Oral Health Program (PoHP)

Experience with Dental Emergency Department Visits

Influence of Maternal Activity on Child Oral Health and Tooth Development

Prevalence of Tobacco Use Among Adult Dental Patients at East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine

Protrain Endodontic System Comparison of Six Apex Locators

SoDM CORAS 2017 Posters

The Erosive Potential of Additive Artificial Flavoring in Water


Undergraduate Student Research

Many undergraduate students interested in dentistry as a career seek research experiences. Similar to demonstrating interest in dentistry through clinical shadowing, pre-dental students with an interest in research are advised to demonstrate their motivation towards research with broadly applicable experiences. Valuable research experience occurs in many settings, and does not need to occur in a dental school setting in order to demonstrate a student's interest in research. Pre-dental students are encouraged to pursue the wealth of opportunities for research available at their home institutions.

The SoDM provides research experiences for students seeking to fulfill an academic requirement associated with a specific ECU program. In those instances, the student's faculty advisor or program director should make the initial contact with the SoDM Office of Research. The faculty request should include the student's name and program, prior research background, and specific area of interest. Requests will be reviewed within the context of available faculty mentors and resources.

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