School of Dental Medicine

Adverse Weather Delays and Closings

For Patients of Ledyard E. Ross Hall and Hospital Dentistry Clinics

The School of Dental Medicine follows the East Carolina University Severe Weather Policy for delays or closings of patient clinics. Clinics are delayed/closed when the university is delayed/closed. To stay informed about possible clinic closings/delays at Ledyard E. Ross Hall and Hospital Dentistry, patients are asked to call the School of Dental Medicine’s Weather hotline at 252-737-7860 for current information about the status of appointments.

Patients of Record at Ledyard E. Ross Hall Clinics with a dental emergency during an unscheduled closing of clinics should contact the resident on call at 252-375-1914.

Patients of Record at the Hospital Dentistry Clinic (located beside the Leo Jenkins Clinic) with a dental emergency during an unscheduled closing of clinics should call 252-744-4618.

For School of Dental Medicine Faculty, Staff, Students, and Residents

In case adverse weather results in delays or closings of East Carolina University operations, School of Dental Medicine faculty, staff, residents, and students will follow the ECU Severe Weather Policy. To stay informed about the latest announcements, visit the ECU Homepage at or or call the ECU Adverse Weather Hotline at 252-328-0062. For further information, refer to the Adverse Weather Guidelines at

For Community Service Learning Centers

In case of adverse weather, ECU School of Dental Medicine Community Service Learning Centers will monitor delay and closing schedules of their respective county’s public school system. Patients are advised to call the Community Service Learning Center to learn the status of appointments during periods of adverse weather.

Community Service Learning Centers-Ahoskie: 252-332-1904 (local)

Community Service Learning Centers-Elizabeth City: 252-331-7225 (local)

Community Service Learning Centers-Lillington: 910-814-4191 (local)

Community Service Learning Center-Robeson County: 910-737-6457 (local)

Community Service Learning Center-Sylva: 828-586-1200 (local)

In the event of a Tornado Warning

  • Rapidly gather your personal belongings and take the stairs to the first floor
  • The Safest location in Ross Hall is the hallway leading to Oral Pathology - All patients and providers in the Advanced Care Clinic should proceed to the hallway leading to Oral Pathology
  • Sterile processing staff and materials management staff should go to the back storeroom in sterile processing

If time does not permit you to go to either of the above locations….

  • Get to the safest area of your classroom or office (the inside wall) farthest away from doors and windows.
  • Avoid windows, auditoriums, gymnasiums, or other structures with wide, free-span roofs.
  • Take shelter underneath your desk or any heavy furniture available.  Assume a curled position so as to protect your head and eyes. 

For further information, see ECU's Emergency Procedures Manual. Pages 9 & 10 specifically address Severe Weather.

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