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Mark Moss, DDS, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Foundational Sciences

4255 Ledyard E. Ross Hall

Clinical Interests
Improving access to care for underserved populations; Addressing the social determinants of health with an emphasis on oral health; Reducing health disparities by addressing the structure, process, and outcomes of health care using a complex systems approach. 

DDS, Marquette University
MS (Preventive Medicine – Epidemiology), University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD (Epidemiology), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

General Practice Residency – Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY
Dental Public Health Residency – New York State Bureau of Dental Health 

Biographical Information
Dr. Moss brings a rich mix of experience to his role on the Foundational Sciences faculty at ECU School of Dental Medicine. He has served as the State Dental Director in the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. Prior to that he worked for twelve years in a rural community clinic in upstate New York and was a faculty member in the New York Dental Public Health Residency Program and at the University of Rochester and Eastman Dental Center. Dr. Moss has also held adjunct faculty appointments at New York University College of Dentistry and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Dr. Moss’ career path aligns well with the vision of improving the health and quality of life of all North Carolinians by creating leaders with a passion to care for the underserved and by leading the nation in community-based, service learning oral health education. 

Dr. Moss enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping and birdwatching. He is committed to the care of adults with special health care needs and is trained as a Dental Director for the Special Olympics Special Smiles Program. 

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