School of Dental Medicine

Faculty and Staff

Raymond A. Dionne, DDS, MS, PhD

Research Professor

4256 Ledyard E. Ross Hall

Clinical Interests
Pharmacologic management of dental fear/anxiety, pharmacologic management of acute and chronic pain, biomarkers of pain and analgesia

Board Certifications
Editing and Publications, Georgetown University 1989

PhD - Medical College of Virginia
MS - Georgetown University
DDS - Georgetown University School of Dentistry
BA - University of Connecticut

Society Memberships/Professional Memberships
American / International Association for Dental Research
American Dental Association
American Academy of Pain Medicine

Biographical Information
Dr. Dionne’s career includes more than 20 years of private practice experience and over 30 years of clinic research. He was an investigator in the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research for 25 years, where he also served as Chief of the Pain and Neurosensory Mechanisms Branch and Clinical Director and there received two NIH Director’s Awards. He was also a Scientific Director for the National Institute of Nursing Research. Dr. Dionne has taught for over 40 years in areas related to pain, pain and anxiety management, and pharmacology.

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