School of Dental Medicine

Faculty and Staff

Richard D. McCabe, PhD

Teaching Professor of Pathophysiology

3155 Ledyard E. Ross Hall

Clinical Interests
Regulation of mitochondrial superoxide production, dental education, basic sciences

PhD - University of Kansas Medical Center
BS - Kansas State University

Society Memberships:
American Dental Education Association
American Physiological Society
American Heart Association / American Stroke Association
Sigma Xi
International Association of Medical Science Educators
National Academy of Scholars
Iowa Physiological Society (honorary lifetime member)

Born in Manhattan, NY Dr. McCabe served 10 years in the Navy before receiving his BS in Biology from Kansas State University and PhD in Physiology from the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he also did his post-doctoral studies. Dr. McCabe’s dissertation was awarded honors status and he received undergraduate honors and scholarships and a graduate teaching assistantship.

Dr. McCabe’s previous research focused on potassium transport, regulation and cardiovascular protection. The former work overturned the then leading theory on the mechanisms of epithelial potassium transport. The latter work was cited by the National Academy of Science in its rationale for the present US Recommended Dietary Intake for potassium as well as the National Council on Potassium in Clinical Practice for present Guidelines for Potassium Replacement in Clinical Practice. Dr. McCabe has taught clinical biosciences and biology to dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, podiatry, physician assistant, physical therapy, biology and other students for over thirty years. Dr. McCabe has won three teaching awards, 8 research grants and one research award.



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