School of Dental Medicine

Faculty and Staff

Michael Webb, DDS, MEd.

Chair, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Clinical Associate Professor

1219 Ledyard E. Ross Hall

ECU SoDM Pediatric Dentistry Residency

Clinical Interests
Sedation and anesthesia in pediatric dentistry
Treatment of Medically Compromised Children
Medical emergency training
Resident Education

Board Certifications
Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

DDS - Northwestern University Dental School
Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Certificate in Dental Anesthesiology, University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
Certificate in Health Care Administration, St. Joseph’s College
MEd - Virginia Commonwealth University, Concentration in Adult Learning

Society Memberships
American Dental Association
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists
American Dental Society of Anesthesiology
American Academy of Pediatrics

Biographical Information
Dr. Webb serves as the director of the Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program at the ECU School of Dental Medicine. He received his dental degree from Northwestern University and completed a three-year residency in pediatric dentistry at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and a residency in dental anesthesiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. In addition to his clinical training, Dr. Webb has a certificate in Health Care Administration and a master’s degree in education with a concentration in adult learning. He is also currently a certified Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate.

After residency training, Dr. Webb was the chief of dental services at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and the graduate program director in pediatric dentistry at the Baylor College of Dentistry. He was an attending pediatric dentist/dental anesthesiologist at Children’s Medical Center and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital before moving to Richmond, VA, to be the graduate program director in pediatric dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Webb maintained a private practice of pediatric dentistry that focused on the use of sedation and general anesthesia in pediatric dentistry before returning to academics at ECU to develop the Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program.

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Case Reports
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