School of Dental Medicine
Patient Care

Greenville, NC

Ross Hall, Greenville, NC
East Carolina University
School of Dental Medicine
Ledyard E. Ross Hall
1851 MacGregor Downs Road
Greenville, NC 27834
Phone 252-737-7834

For Patients

If you need a regular family dentist and are considering the ECU School of Dental Medicine as a care provider, the first thing you'll need to do is make an appointment in our Screening Clinic by calling 252-737-7834 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Because we are a teaching program, we will spend more time with you for each visit, and we may ask you to make a few extra visits to complete your dental care. We think you will enjoy our  compassionate care, affordable fees, and friendly environment. 


Parking at Ledyard E. Ross Hall is handy, free, and easy. Patients are asked to park on the MacGregor Downs Road side of the building in areas designated as Patient Parking.

Screening Clinic

The purpose of the screening appointment is to gather information about your overall health, dental treatment needs, and to determine if treatment in our student clinics is right for you. We regret that all patients screened cannot be accepted for dental care in our student clinics. We will offer alternative treatment options if that is the case. Screening is not a treatment planning appointment, and no treatment other than a limited examination/diagnosis will be performed at the screening appointment.

Your appointment will be in Ledyard E. Ross Hall located at 1851 MacGregor Downs Road in Greenville.

Fees and Payment

There is no charge for the initial screening appointment except for fees incurred for dental x-rays. Patients will be charged for dental x-rays and treatment during future visits.

The cost of dental care in student and resident clinics is less than at most private dental offices. Medicaid and most private dental insurance plans are accepted. We accept cash, credit cards, and personal checks. As a patient, you will receive detailed information concerning our financial policies.

What to Expect as a Patient

Our faculty and students are committed to delivering thorough, high quality care, and we think of our patients as partners in education. Appointments for care may last a little longer than what you might expect in a private dental office.

It may be necessary to ask you to..
  • Attend appointments at least once every other week;
  • Be available at least two or more different days of any week;
  • Stay for 3-4 hour appointment sessions.

We will accommodate your needs as best we can, but we cannot guarantee a date when your treatment will be complete.

Your appointment may include dental x-rays unless you have had x-rays in the past year or so, in which case we ask that you bring x-rays with you. Your former dental office should provide you with any electronic copies on a "thumb"/ "USB" drive, or on a CD-ROM. Paper copies cannot be accepted as the quality often makes them non-diagnostic. We will be happy to help you obtain these copies, if you are having difficulty.

Unfortunately, we do not have childcare staff, so please make arrangements for childcare before your visit. Children will not be allowed in treatment areas except for their own appointments.

Patient care coordinators will introduce you to your dental provider and schedule your appointments.

What to Bring to Your Screening Appointment

Please be sure bring the following items with you at check-in:

  • Patient Registration Forms
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Dental Insurance Card or verification of eligibility
  • A written (or typed) list of your current medications and allergies
  • Name, phone number, and fax number of your regular medical doctor
  • Dental x-rays from the past year if you have copies as described above
  • If you are pregnant, please bring written medical clearance from your doctor