School of Dental Medicine
Informatics Support

Systems Administration

System Status
There are currently no service interruptions at this time.

What We Manage
Systems Administration is responsible for the day-to-day operation, installation, maintenance, performance, and tuning of the majority of back- end servers at the School of Dental Medicine (SoDM). Our servers are monitored continually and alerts are generated when systems or components encounter issues.

Systems Administration also works closely with East Carolina University’s ITCS group to troubleshoot problems, add, change, or remove SoDM services and access, and to stay abreast of changes to the campus infrastructure.

Security and Polices
Security of our systems is Systems Administration’s number one priority. East Carolina University’s security policies established by the ITCS group are followed and enforced on our systems, and include things such as firewall policies, regular security scans, and administrator password changes.

The School of Dental Medicine follows the Security and Policies outlined by ITCS. To view these, please visit ECU ITCS Security and Policies.