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Grand Rounds ↑Top
Presenter Dr. Chris Mansfield Grand Rounds
Title The Doctor as God's Mechanic
Presenter Dr. Justin Moore
Title Community-based Approaches to Promote Physical Activity in Youth: Lost in Translation
Presenter Dr. Kristina Simeonsson Grand Rounds
Title An Ounce of Prevention in the Medical School Curriculum
Presenter Gene Matthews Grand Rounds
Title Public Health in the Kill Zone: Restructuring of Local Public Health Agencies
Website Gene Matthews Grand Rounds video link
Presenter Dr. Gary Kreps Grand Rounds
Title Communication and the Continuum of Care: A Mandate for Health Communication Scholarship
Presenter Dr. Greg Kearney Grand Rounds
Title Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Efforts towards Building National Environmental Public Health Surveillance Network
Presenter Dr. Eric Bailey Grand Rounds
Title Establishing Our Mission: An Assessment of CDC's Medical Colleges and Universities Roundtable
Faculty Presentations ↑Top
Dr. Doyle “Skip” Cummings
Dr. Jimmy Efird
Dr. Juhee Kim
Dr. Hope Landrine
Dr. Huabin Luo
Dr. Chris Mansfield
Dr. Ari Mwachofi
Dr. Stephanie Pitts
Dr. Nancy Winterbauer
Student Presentations ↑Top
Presenters Demarest CL, Jilcott Pitts SB, Ellis C, Dortche CJ.
Title Associations between Sugar-Sweetened Beverage, Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, and Body Mass Index among Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Participants in Pitt County, North Carolina.
Conference North Carolina Public Health Association, Asheville, NC
Presenters Mayo ML, Jilcott Pitts SB
Title Examining associations between county and municipality zoning ordinances and access to fruit and vegetable outlets in rural North Carolina
Conference North Carolina Public Health Association, Asheville, NC
Presenters McGuirt, J., Ward, R., Bullock, S., & Jilcott Pitts, S. B.
Title Farmers' Market Use among Women of Reproductive Age in Rural Eastern and Western North Carolina
Conference 2013 Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Conference, "Toward Sustainable Foodscapes and Landscapes", Landsing, Michigan
Presenters McGuirt JT, Jilcott Pitts SB, Ward RK, Crawford T, Keyserling TC, Ammerman AS
Title Examining the Influence of Price and Accessibility on Willingness to Shop at Farmers' Markets Among Low-income Eastern North Carolina Women
Conference North Carolina Public Health Association, Asheville, NC
Presenters Ronay A, Sisneros J, Majette N, Cavallo D, Vu M, Johnston L, Jilcott Pitts SB, Keyserling TC
Title The experience of using Facebook as part of a multi-component weight-loss intervention among underserved women of reproductive-age in Pitt County, eastern North Carolina: The conundrum of engaging a hard-to-reach group
Conference Jean Mills Health Disparities Symposium, Greenville, North Carolina
Presenters *Tucker, A., Winterbauer, N.L., **Thomas, A., **Willingham, L
Title An intermediary outcome evaluation of Dare County, North Carolina's "Peer Power" program
Conference Paper presentation. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November 2-6, 2013