Children's Health

Special Programs

For children and families with special health concerns, we offer several programs including those for children with unusual, complicated or long-term health conditions.

Acute Care Clinic

This after-hours office serves our regular patients after hours (6 – 10 p.m. 365 days a year). Children and infants with sudden, nonlife-threatening conditions are seen here by appointment. Please call before arriving, as walk-in patients will have a waiting time. The last appointment is scheduled for 9:10 p.m.

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Adolescent Care

A special service for older children as they experience the mental and physical changes of adulthood. Staffed by doctors with special training and sensitivities for the needs of adolescents. For more information, please visit the Adolescent Care web page.

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Adult and Pediatric Health Care

This distinctive practice allows all members of the family to visit the same office for their medical care. The staff at our Adult and Pediatric Health Care office have the education, skills and experience to practice pediatrics and general internal medicine, making them uniquely qualified to treat the whole family. What’s more, you can often schedule appointments at the same time as your children. For more information, visit the Medicine - Pediatrics web page.

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Autism Care

Our pediatricians have special training in learning and behavior to care for children and teenagers with autism, Asperger syndrome or autism spectrum disorders. We can help parents and pediatricians at the Family Autism Center, our independent medical practice, where a comfortable setting and spacious surroundings allow our patients to feel at home. We provide evaluation and diagnosis for older children and refer them for treatment, such as occupational or speech therapy. Children who are already seen at the Children's  Developmental Services Agency will receive care at this location after age 3.

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Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic

Children with complex or difficult to diagnose conditions, or who are not responding to standard care may be seen in this program. This service was created by our senior faculty physicians, who now serve as its medical staff. Each child is thoroughly evaluated by our team and treatment plans are undertaken with the child’s regular pediatrician. By referral.

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Center for Children with Complex and Chronic Conditions (C5 Clinic)

Our C5 doctors will help infants and children who have long-term health conditions or who may be technology dependent (such as using a home ventilator, or fed by gastric tube). We work with children, their parents and regular doctor to develop treatment programs and long-term care. We are sensitive to a family’s overall situation.

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Children’s Developmental Services Agency

This special program serves children who have developmental disabilities such as spina bifida, autism or mental retardation, or who have speech or coordination problems or other medical conditions or delays. Children are evaluated fully for services such as speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, as well as help with adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs and communication devices. We are the lead agency for the federal Infant-Toddler program for children up to age 3. We serve children in Beaufort, Bertie, Greenville, Hyde, Martin, Pitt and Wayne Counties. Referrals usually come from the medical community, but may be parent initiated as well..

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Children’s Learning and Behavior

This program is for children who have troubling behavior, school difficulties or learning problems. These problems may include academic struggles, inability to pay attention, learning difficulties and emotional problems, such as defiance and acting out. We also diagnose and provide treatment for children with sleep and mood problems and delayed development. No referral is required.

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Child Abuse (The TEDI BEAR Center)

This child-friendly center cares for children from birth to 18 years old, who may be victims of abuse or neglect of any kind. The TEDI BEAR Center (Tender Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Intervention for a Better Abuse Response) staff consists of specially trained pediatricians and their medical staff; social workers, child life specialists, therapists and community educators. This program carefully focuses on making sure children feel comfortable and are not threatened during the interviews, evaluations and exams required in cases of suspected abuse. We have two mental health professionals on staff as well to help children recover from abuse. In addition, we offer prevention strategies and programs throughout eastern North Carolina. Our approach reduces the fear associated with abuse. Alleged offenders are not permitted on the premises. We serve all counties in eastern North Carolina. This program is by referral only. Visit the TEDI BEAR Web page.

Concerns of child abuse or neglect should be reported to the North Carolina Department of Social Services in the county where the child resides.

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Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine

Children can be exposed to diseases and that can be harmful if not treated. Our infectious disease specialists see pediatric patients of all ages. We evaluate and treat children suffering from meningitis; osteomyelitis (bone infections); endocarditis (heart infections); Lyme disease; rabies exposure; fungus, bacteria, viral infections, parasites; hepatitis; HIV or AIDS. We also treat complications of infections such as skin and soft-tissue infections. We also provide travel medicine services that include education, vaccines and recommendations.

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NICU Follow-Up Clinic

Infants and children who have health conditions related to prematurity or congenital problems, resulting in oxygen dependency, nutritional assistance dependency, or who have multiple physical handicaps and learning delays, may be seen by doctors who specialize in caring for these special babies.

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The Sleep Center – Children’s Sleep Disorders Clinic

The Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic allows us to evaluate children with apnea or other sleep disturbances. Children with disordered sleep may have obstructive sleep apnea, which may be related to obesity or upper airway obstruction. Overnight sleep studies are held in a comfortable setting at our new, comfortable Sleep Disorders Center. We will recommend therapies based on the results of those studies.

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