Children's Health

Specialty Care

Each year, we save the lives of children with cancer, heart conditions, flu and other infections and life-threatening illnesses. Our specialists care for a full range of childhood illnesses, injury and trauma and any rare or unusual conditions.

We provide the advanced treatments that enable children to recover from leukemia and tumors; blood diseases; heart problems; kidney disease; seizures and other neurological problems; infectious diseases; and respiratory disorders and conditions, including asthma.

Children's heart care is offered through our East Carolina Heart Institute. We also provide care for adults with congenital heart defects (transitional care) at our Heart Institute.

Children experiencing digestive disorders, diabetes or endocrine problems will also find the specialty care they need. Children who struggle with obesity can enter our Healthy Weight program. Young people with very fragile and complicated health conditions may be seen at our C5 Clinic at the Center for Children with Complex and Chronic Conditions.

Our welcoming, state-of-the-art Children's Emergency Department and Trauma Center have special teams who can respond to a sudden health crisis, injury or accident.

Children needing hospitalization receive care at James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital. This special hospital-within-a-hospital includes a pediatric rehabilitation unit, one of only two children’s rehabilitation hospitals in the state. We also offer a NICU Follow-Up Clinic for children with complex health needs related to prematurity and other complications found at birth. These children spent their first days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital.

Autism Care

Our pediatricians have special training in learning and behavior to care for children and teenagers with autism, Asperger syndrome or autism spectrum disorders. We can help parents and pediatricians at the Family Autism Center, our independent medical practice, where a comfortable setting and spacious surroundings allow our patients to feel at home. We provide evaluation and diagnosis for older children and refer them for treatment, such as occupational or speech therapy. Children who are already seen at the Children's Developmental Services Agency will receive care at this location after age three.


Blood Diseases (Pediatric Hematology-Oncology)

Children with blood illnesses like sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, bleeding and clotting disorders, anemia and other conditions receive care from specialists at our Brody Outpatient Center. Children who have blood diseases also participate in our Rainbow Services program. Rainbow Services offers therapeutic activities to help children understand and cope with their disease and treatment. Rainbow Services also offers camps for children with Sickle Cell Disease, Cancer and other blood diseases, with medical supervision. These activities help children and their families have a brighter outlook.


Breathing Disorders, Asthma and Respiratory Disease Care

Children with asthma often have excellent results managing their symptoms with the support of their family and teachers. We offer the Pediatric Asthma Program for our children with this chronic breathing disorder. We also care for children with cystic fibrosis.  We care for other breathing disorders and lung diseases. We offer bronchoscopy services and pulmonary function testing and treat the lung disease associated with prematurity. Our Children’s Sleep Center evaluates sleeping problems. Other respiratory services are at the Pediatric Specialty Care location. Call 252-744-1600.


Cancer Care (Pediatric Hematology-Oncology)

We provide expert care for all children’s cancers, including leukemia, tumors, rare conditions and blood diseases. We provide care at the Brody Outpatient Center, where we have created a child-friendly setting for your appointments, and at the James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital, where compassionate staff and a comfortable setting ease children's anxiety. Visit our Cancer Care page for more information. Children who have cancer may join the Rainbow Services therapeutic program, which offers activities and even summer camps for children with cancer, sickle cell and other blood diseases, with medical supervision. These activities help children and their families have a brighter outlook.


Center for Children with Complex and Chronic Conditions (C5 Program)

Children whose health conditions are very fragile, such as those who have several conditions or long-term illnesses may benefit from the special medical and developmental support of our C5 program. We work with your child’s regular physician to make sure your child grows, develops and thrives. We also help your child with the move to adult medical care during the teenage years. Located at Vidant Medical Center and Pediatric Specialty Care.


Child Abuse

The TEDI BEAR Center is available to children who may have experienced sexual or physical abuse. It is offered to families through physician, social worker or law enforcement referrals. The offending family member does not participate. This center offers forensic evaluation and consultation, with mental health services, in a caring environment. TEDI BEAR Children's Advocacy Center.


Children's Developmental Services Agency

We work with children up to age 3 of all levels to test, diagnose and treat difficulties in speech, movement or awareness. This special program serves children who have developmental disabilities such as spina bifida, autism or mental retardation, or who have speech or coordination problems or other medical conditions or delays. Children are evaluated fully for services such as speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy. We are the lead agency for the federal Infant-Toddler program. Children's Developmental Services Agency.


Children's Inpatient Services

Children who require hospitalization stay at the James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital, where they receive treatments for cancer, blood disorders, heart problems, breathing problems like asthma and other pediatric conditions. We also have a Level One Trauma Center for emergencies. Our specialized inpatient care includes a pediatric sedation service staffed by a Pediatric Critical Care physician. Physicians call (252) 847-8800 or (800) 744-7264 ask for the admitting resident.


Children's Learning and Behavior

Does your child have troubled behavior, problems with school work or difficulty paying attention? This program can help. We offer consultation and evaluation to diagnose these problems and provide a treatment plan. We evaluate sleep and mood problems, and delayed development. No referral is needed. Visit our Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics location.


Congenital Heart Disease

We are proud to be part of the East Carolina Heart Institute at ECU, a unique center that brings together all heart services for children in one location. Our expert surgeons can perform heart surgery on babies and toddlers. We also care for adults with congenital (from birth) heart defects.


Diabetes and Endocrinology

We manage children's type 1 and type 2 diabetes with innovative treatments that include medications, insulin and insulin pumps. We also treat other children’s endocrine disorders, including thyroid conditions, adrenal and pituitary problems. Pediatric Specialty Care.


Digestive Diseases

For children who have reflux disorders, gastric bleeding, digestive malnutrition or other disorders, including swallowed objects (gastric obstruction). We perform minor procedures including children's colonoscopy and upper endoscopy, biopsies and pH probes to test for gastric reflux. Pediatric Specialty Care.


Healthy Weight Programs (Obesity)

Our program offers complete support for overweight children who are pursuing weight loss and better health. Our evaluation and treatment programs are staffed by two physicians, a nutritionist, a marriage and family therapist, a counselor and an exercise physiologist. Pediatric Specialty Care.


Heart Care (Cardiology and Electrophysiology)

We care for heart defects in your child’s first hours into childhood and beyond. We perform life-saving surgeries and provide advanced treatments. We evaluate irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), heart murmurs and fainting (syncope). We offer children's heart and vascular care at the East Carolina Heart Institute at ECU. We also care for adults with congenital heart defects (transitional care). East Carolina Heart Institute at ECU.



If your child has frequent infections, you may need an evaluation for an underlying disorder. Some children are born without the ability to fight infections. This condition is known as an immunological disorder, or immunodeficiency. Our specialty physicians diagnose and treat these disorders using at-home therapies and hospital-based treatments. We also benefit from the controlled environment of the KISU (Kids Immunosuppressed Special Unit) at the James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital at Vidant Medical Center. Signs of this type of disorder include repeated infections, serious bacterial infections and a family history. Call 252-744-2511. Pediatric Specialty Care.


Infectious Diseases

We diagnose and treat all childhood infectious diseases using the most current strategies. This includes HIV, osteomyelitis, acute infectious disorders, insect-borne diseases and provide inpatient consultations. We also have children's travel medicine, with vaccines, recommendations and education. Pediatric Specialty Care.


Kidney Disorders (Nephrology)

Our caring physicians treat all pediatric kidney conditions, including maternal pre-natal counseling for fetal kidney disorders; obstructed kidneys; recurrent urine tract infections; glomerulonephritis; chronic kidney failure; dialysis; and renal transplantation. We provide acute kidney injury treatment (acute hemodialysis and continuous veno-venous hemofiltration) at our Children's Hospital. We provide chronic dialysis therapies (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis). Our programs are accredited and benchmarked against national standards to bring the best pediatric kidney treatments to children and adolescents in eastern North Carolina. We are actively involved in clinical research. Pediatric Specialty Care.



We provide advanced care for newborns, infants and children with seizures, congenital or acquired brain and nervous system disorders. We also have a children's neurosurgery program. ECU Physicians Neurology Services.


NICU Follow-Up Clinic

Infants and children who have complicated health conditions related to prematurity or congenital problems, and who may be oxygen dependent, nutritional assistance dependent, or who have multiple physical handicaps and learning delays, are seen by our doctors who care for these special babies. Regional Rehabilitation Center.


Poisoning (Toxicology)

Call 911 in case of emergency

Every 30 seconds, somewhere a child is poisoned. We have poison specialists on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Children are often poisoned by ordinary items found in bathrooms, kitchens and garages. Detergents, perfumes, baby oil and mothballs can harm or kill children. For more information call the Carolinas Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222.



Children in rehabilitation care can become stronger after illness or injury, regain mental abilities and balance, and adjust to changes caused by illness or injury. We provide care for children with Traumatic Brain Injury. We are one of only two inpatient (in a hospital) rehabilitation centers for children in the state.


Sedation Services

We offer a special anesthesia service for children who are undergoing procedures that may cause pain, or during which they must remain still, such as an MRI or lumbar puncture. Call 252-744-5871.


Sleep Medicine

Our pediatric sleep specialists at the Sleep Disorders Center can evaluate children with apnea or other sleep disturbances. We conduct overnight sleep studies at our comfortable Sleep Disorders Center. We will recommend therapies based on the results of those studies.