Clinical Trials

Many of our physicians take part in national studies of new treatments. These clinical trials allow doctors to find drugs and procedures to treat cancer, diabetes and other illnesses so they can recover from serious diseases. If you are chosen for a clinical trial, you may undergo new treatments before they are available to general public.

ECU Physicians patients may participate in clinical trials. These clinical trials hold promise of helping serious illnesses, such as cancer, after all other treatments have failed. Your doctor can help you decide whether to participate.

You may or may not experience benefits from the clinical trial and even your doctor won’t know if you are receiving the new treatment since the studies are random. These clinical trials may involve several departments, such as pharmacy, radiology or others.

While new drugs, procedures and treatments may help some patients, we must first follow all federal, state and institutional regulations, policies and procedures to protect the interests of patients and of the university.

For more information, call our Clinical Trials Office at 252-744-2330. You may also contact Jackie Moore, Clinical Trials Manager, at