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School of Dental Medicine

Dental Care

Dental care is provided by the ECU School of Dental Medicine, the newest addition to our health sciences division, at Ledyard E. Ross Hall on the Health Sciences Campus. Our staff includes dentists and oral health professionals who can treat the entire family. We provide check-ups, cleanings and treatments for cavities or dental emergencies. We also provide corrective treatments such as braces, and restorations such as crowns and bridges. Care at the School of Dental Medicine is provided by our dental students, residents and faculty members.

If you have complex medical needs, our hospital dentistry specialists may take care of your oral health concerns. Our hospital dentistry service allows us to treat patients who have had accidents or minor trauma that requires dental treatment.

When you are scheduled for a procedure such as heart surgery, we are available to treat any serious dental concerns before your operation. We will work closely with your doctor to monitor gum inflammation and other conditions tied with heart disease.

If you would like to transfer to our School of Dental Medicine, call 252-737-7000. To contact our hospital dentistry program, call 252-744-4618.

We offer all dental care, including

  • teeth cleaning
  • oral health exams
  • fillings, resin restorations
  • restorations such as crowns, bridges, implants
  • dentures and other removable aids
  • extractions
  • root canals
  • hospital-based dental care

We care for all conditions of the mouth and lips including

  • oral cancer
  • mouth sores
  • dry mouth chronic facial pain
  • mouth conditions related to dialysis

Our dental staff includes

  • general dentists for adults and children
  • oral surgeons
  • gum specialist (periodontist)
  • endodontist for advanced procedures

We operate with the customary charges of a dental practice. If you have questions about your dental insurance or other costs related to your care, please contact our office.

School of Dental Medicine

ECU hospital dentistry program

Ledyard E. Ross Hall
Health Sciences Campus
1851 MacGregor Downs Road
Greenville NC 27834

Vidant Medical Center annex
Formerly the Family Medicine Center
Moye Boulevard
Greenville NC 27834
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