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Nephrology and Hypertension

Dialysis and High Blood Pressure

Kidney problems often arise along with high blood pressure, which creates stress on the heart, circulation and kidneys. When high blood pressure becomes serious, the kidneys can no longer remove poisons from the blood. Kidney disease often comes from diabetes and may follow other conditions. Our kidney specialists care for patients with all types of disease, from mild conditions to kidney (renal) failure. We also perform renal biopsy and offer immunosuppression management.

The first step for our patients is an evaluation by our specialists, known as nephrologists. Tests will show us the degree of disease and indicate possible treatments. We can also treat your high blood pressure associated with kidney disease.

Kidney problems can be treated with medications. In some cases, surgery may be required. Kidney transplants when successful can free patients from dialysis. We have an active transplant program, and complete about 50 transplants per year. The East Carolina Heart Institute also has an active approach that includes the placement of stents, which can improve the flow of blood to the kidneys.

For some patients, dialysis is needed to clean the blood several times a week. We offer peritoneal (at-home) dialysis, as well as continuous renal replacement therapy and plasmapheresis.

We maintain two dialysis units with Fresenius Medical Care. One is at the medical center beside our office. Phone 252-329-8000. On the Outer Banks, we also are associated with Fresenius Medical Care, 115 Exeter St., Manteo N.C. 27954. Phone 252-475-3530