Anatomic Pathology Services

  • Each client practice is assigned a personal pathologist to answer any questions concerning referral cases
  • We have a 48-hour turnaround with fax reports
  • Original hard-copy of report express can be mailed, if requested
  • Telephoned results on STAT or abnormal cases are reported the day following receipt
  • STAT procedures include (but are not limited to) frozen sections and interpretation of fine needle aspirations, when scheduled in advance
  • Correlation of results are available from anatomic biopsy and cytology material for OB-GYN cases
  • Peer review and internal consultations are available for difficult cases
  • We offer personalized billing methods
  • 24-hour pathologist consultation
  • Our pathologists have special training and experience in several areas
    • Cytopathology
    • Gastrointestinal pathology
    • Dermatopathology
    • Hematopathology
    • Neuropathology
    • Endocrine pathology
    • Genito-urinary pathology
    • Informatics
    • Nephropathology
    • Skeletal-muscle pathology
    • Autopsy and forensic pathology

Contact Us

800-717-8427 (toll-free)