Pharmacy Services

Patients using the ECU Physicians pharmacies enjoy convenience and low prices for their prescription and over-the-counter medications.

We have three locations available near our medical center with friendly, professional staff members ready to fill your new prescriptions on-site after your doctor's appointment. We also can provide prescription refills when needed and can transfer your prescriptions from other pharmacies.

We offer cost savings on over-the-counter medicines. We provide uninsured patients with a formulary of generic drugs for $4.00 for a one-month supply or $10 for a three-month supply.

Our ECU Pharmacy offers the FlavorRx liquid medication flavoring at our 517 Moye Boulevard location. When you fill a liquid medication prescription you can choose from many flavor options such as grape, bubblegum, cherry and watermelon.

ECU employees benefit from our generic formulary of medications for $4 and our delivery service, which brings your medications right to your campus office. For more information call one of our locations listed below.

ECU Pharmacy
252-744-2721 (phone)
252-744-1800 (fax)

Leo Jenkins Pharmacy
252-744-4602 (phone)
252-744-4603 (fax)

Family Medicine Center Pharmacy
252-744-4680 (phone)
252-744-3804 (fax)

Information for Uninsured Patients

Medication Assistance

If you are currently uninsured or have Medicare Part D, and having trouble paying for your medications, visit our Medication Assistance page.

Pharmacy Documents for ECU Employees

Specialty Pharmacy

The Leo Jenkins Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy that specializes in filling prescriptions for patients who need specialty medications including oral chemotherapy. Visit our Specialty Pharmacy site.