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Clinical Trials

Today, we have new and better ways to treat cancer. Physicians at the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center are determined to make sure that patients receive the very best and very latest of those treatments. Clinical trials are part of the process that leads to new treatments or preventive measures for disease. When a new procedure or therapy shows promise, it is evaluated in a carefully controlled, clinical setting to determine if it is effective. In cancer cases, trials may involve new drug therapies, surgical techniques or new combinations of common treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Clinical trials are important because patients can receive what may be tomorrow's breakthrough therapy today. Through clinical trials, patients may receive the most advanced therapy available.

Because the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center is accredited as an academic cancer center, it is able to offer clinical trials, and the hope they bring, to people of this region. The center also provides information about clinical trials to the community through outreach clinics and support to local physicians.

Many trials show great promise, and we are working every day to make sure the people in Eastern North Carolina have an opportunity to participate in these trials.

Specialists at our cancer center have joined leaders from other major cancer centers across the country to organize cooperative cancer study groups. These groups develop protocols using the most promising new treatment options for each type of cancer and then determine whether the new procedures result in an improvement over currently available treatments. In addition to these cooperative group trials, our center also participates in studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

These clinical research studies are monitored carefully by review committees both at this center and at the National Cancer Institute.

Clinical Trial Organizations We Participate In