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Our team is dedicated to helping patients with kidney disease who are in need of a kidney transplant. We work closely with you and your family, and provide outstanding support before and after your procedure. We offer counseling and support for living donors who choose to give a kidney for transplantation. That supportive care includes psychological evaluation and support for kidney donors and recipients, as well as committed follow-up.

We closely track and monitor our transplant patients and donors, allowing us to bring an outstanding level of experience and skill to every patient.

Transplants can give patients with end-stage kidney (renal) failure a new chance at life. Yet our transplant program goes beyond providing this essential surgical service to provide evaluation and counseling to patients.

Our transplantation team includes your transplant surgeon, nurses, clinical staff, social workers, counselors and other people working together to improve the lives of our patients.

Call 252 744 2620 for more information about our kidney transplantation program.