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Message from Doyle Cummings, PharmD, Director...

Doyle Cummings, PharmDPrimary care is known to have a favorable impact on health status and to serve efficiently as the foundation of successful health care systems. It is an important element of best health care for all people1. One of the ways that our Department of Family Medicine seeks to meet the health needs of individuals and communities in our changing environment is by contributing to the body of knowledge in primary health care through excellence in research and scholarship.

For many years, family physicians have relied on research by clinicians in other disciplines. Although some of this research will continue, family medicine is now maturing sufficiently to allow providers in our own discipline to contribute new knowledge to our practice and teaching. The growth in research in family medicine represents an important milestone for the discipline. At ECU, we are a part of this growth with exciting new research to better understand the causes of poor health outcomes and to develop specific interventions to address them. In particular, a current focus is on disparities in health outcomes by race and gender and the ways to limit them.

As such, our role is to facilitate the development of innovative research studies that contribute to the scholarly body of knowledge in primary care. Research personnel assist other faculty, fellows, and residents in planning, designing, and conducting research studies and in analyzing, presenting, and publishing the results. We also teach a 4-session "Introduction to Research" module for fellows and faculty development participants. Please review our web pages to learn more about our publications and presentations and the services that are available to our faculty.