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The Graduate Medical Education Committee is the group with primary responsibility for the quality and oversight of the institution’s graduate medical education programs.

The GMEC must    
1.      establish and implement policies and procedures regarding the quality of education and the work environment for the residents in all ACGME-accredited programs.    

2.    review annually and make recommendations to the Sponsoring Institution on resident stipends, benefits, and funding for resident positions to assure that these are reasonable and fair.    

3.      establish and maintain appropriate oversight of and liaison with program directors and assure that program directors establish and maintain proper oversight of and liaison with appropriate personnel of other institutions participating in the ACGME accredited programs of the Sponsoring Institution.                       

4.    establish and implement formal written policies and procedures governing resident duty hours in compliance with the Institutional and Program Requirements.   

5.      assure that ACGME-accredited programs provide appropriate supervision for all residents that is consistent with proper patient care, the educational needs of residents, and the applicable Program Requirements.   

6.      assure that each program provides a curriculum and an evaluation system to ensure that residents demonstrate achievement of the six general competencies.

7.      establish and implement formal written institutional policies for the selection, evaluation, promotion, and dismissal of residents in compliance with the Institutional and Program Requirements.          

8.      regularly review all ACGME program accreditation letters and monitor action plans for the correction of concerns and areas of noncompliance.    

9.      regularly review the Sponsoring Institution’s Letter of Report from the IRC and develop and monitor action plans for the correction of concerns and areas of noncompliance.    

10.     review and approve specific communications prior to submission to the ACGME    

11.      conduct internal reviews of all ACGME-accredited programs including subspecialty programs to assess their compliance with the Institutional Requirements and the Program Requirements of the ACGME Residency Review Committees.