Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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Privacy Training

The privacy rules under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) set forth requirements with respect to the use and disclosure of protected health information as well as provide patients and research subjects with certain rights related to their protected health information. Annual HIPAA privacy training is required under the HIPAA privacy rules for ECU employees and certain students, volunteers, and contractors who provide services within a designated ECU Health Care Component.

Maintaining privacy of the protected health information of our patients and research subjects is paramount, and thus it is crucial that all relevant individuals complete the required HIPAA privacy training. Please read the following information below to determine which specific training you are required to complete. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the ECU HIPAA Privacy Office at 252-744-5200.

I. Brody School of Medicine and Designated ECU Health Care Components

Faculty, staff and students are enrolled in training through the Office of Institutional Integrity in coordination with department administrators. The training for students is administered through ECU Blackboard. Login using your PirateID and password. The training for faculty and staff is administered through Cornerstone. If you are not enrolled in the training please contact Lauren Lumley at

II. Non-Designated ECU Health Care Components

Faculty, staff and students from the following colleges/departments may refer to the designated contacts below for access to the HIPAA privacy training:

  1. College of Allied Health Sciences: Jean Merenda at or 252-744-1106.
  2. College of Nursing: Dr. Alta Andrews at
  3. Department of Psychology: Dr. Tony Cellucci at

If your college or department is not listed please contact the ECU HIPAA Privacy Office.

III. ECU Students Enrolled in the Primary Care Physician Shadowing Program

Contact Samantha Wilson at or 252-328-6001.

IV. Non-ECU Visitors (shadowing, research, or volunteer experience)

For Brody School of Medicine contact the BSOM Office of Generalist Programs: Dawn Robinson-Little at or 252-744-3484

For School of Dental Medicine contact Sam Boyce at or 252-737-7000

HIPAA Security Training

Annual HIPAA security training is administered to all personnel who directly and indirectly provide support to a designated HIPAA system. To access this training, log in to the Cornerstone employee training system using your PirateID.

Additionally, identified HIPAA System Administrators are required to complete training relevant to the responsibilities of a HIPAA System Administrator. To access this training, log in to Cornerstone. Please contact the HIPAA Security Office at 252-744-5200 for more information regarding this training.

Blackboard and Cornerstone Assistance

If you encounter difficulty logging in to Cornerstone or Blackboard or require general support, call the IT Help Desk at 252-328-9866 or visit the Blackboard support center.

For specific questions regarding HIPAA Privacy or Security

If you have privacy-related questions, please contact the ECU Privacy Officer at 252-744-5200. If you have specific security questions regarding the HIPAA Security Rule, please e-mail the ECU HIPAA Security Officer at or call 252-744-5200.