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OpScan Exam Grading

What is OpScan?

OpScan is a specialized scanner designed to grade placement tests, bypass tests, regular tests, student surveys and other Pearson NCS bubble sheets. These exam sheets can be processed in the Laupus Library for all Division of Health Sciences faculty and staff.

Exam Drop-off and Pickup

We offer 24-hour turnaround time and have two locations for daily drop-off and pickup service:

  1. Brody School of Medicine, Room 2S-20 (Office of Student Affairs)
  2. Laupus Library Computer Lab, Room 2502

If you choose to drop off the exams at the Computer Lab, there is a secure drop box at the lab service desk in room 2502.

Please include all exams, a grading key, and a completed request form (available below) in an envelope when dropping off.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm

If you have any questions, call the Computer Lab at (252) 744-3081.

OpScan Request Forms

To provide our clients with the best possible service we use two software programs to grade exams: Remark and ScanTools Plus. Remark has been used by the Brody School of Medicine faculty and staff for many years and provides excellent detailed reports. ScanTools Plus is the same software used by the OpScan service on ECU's East Campus in the Austin Building. If you are unsure which software you prefer, ask us to scan your exams using both software programs and then choose your favorite.

Download Remark Request Form

Download ScanTools Plus Request Form