Why Give?

Our Values

Among the values that will be key to our future success are the following:

  • Scholarship. We will be a community where intellectual freedom, scholarly discipline, and the rigorous pursuit of knowledge thrive.
  • Leadership. Our students, faculty, and staff will demonstrate leadership in their professions and communities.
  • Service. We will work toward solutions to the challenges of our region, state, and nation.
  • Discovery. We will harness the skills and knowledge of our faculty, staff, and students to create a brighter tomorrow for North Carolina.

Our Mission

To provide resources to ensure student and faculty success and transform healthcare in the region, the ECU Medical & Health Sciences Foundation:

  • Provides resources through aggressive advocacy and successful fundraising, and strives to provide donor-centered stewardship.
  • Ensures student and faculty success by assisting in funding the needs of professional and program priorities.
  • Discovers new knowledge and innovations to support a thriving future for eastern North Carolina and beyond.
  • Works to transform healthcare by advancing research, creating innovations in care delivery, and by increasing access to quality healthcare.
  • Provides community outreach and educational programs. We accomplish our mission through education, research, innovation and service while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

Our Commitments

Maximize Student Success

The success of our students is the ultimate measure of our university. We will support excellence, expand opportunity, and celebrate achievement.

Serve the Public

Service has always been at the heart of this university. We will inspire the next generation of leaders to carry this spirit of service into their professional lives. We will demonstrate this commitment to service by being engaged with the needs of eastern North Carolina and beyond.

Lead Regional Transformation

The past, present, and future of this university are closely aligned with the region it calls home. We see the challenges of eastern North Carolina and accept them as our own. Through partnership, leadership, and discovery, we will be a force for progress and growth.

We will keep these commitments while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.