Research Facilities

Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry-Confocal Microscopy Core Facility is a research support resource which is part of the School of Medicine Biotechnology Program. Flow cytometry and Confocal microscopy are powerful techniques based on laser light excitation of fluorescent molecules. Flow cytometry is commonly used to study various aspects of cell function, including apoptosis, cell cycle, and immunophenotype analysis. The facility has two bench top flow analyzers: LSR II 4-laser 11-color flow cytometer and FACScan one laser 3-color cytometer (both Becton Dickinson). Cell sorting is performed on the BD Aria-Fusion (installed in 2017), which has four lasers and twelve fluorescence channels, and is capable of doing sterile and BSL level 2 cell sorting. Confocal microscopy is used primarily for cellular co-localization studies and three-dimensional reconstruction. The facility has a Zeiss 510 Laser-scanning Confocal Microscope which is capable of three-channel fluorescence imaging. Other instrumentation which is now part of the core facility are an iCys Laser Scanning Cytometer (Compucyte), which has similar capabilities as flow cytometry for samples on a slide or multiwell plate, and a PALM Laser Capture Microdissection system (Carl Zeiss), which allows excision and removal of specific target cells from a tissue or cell culture.

Contact Dr. Douglas Weidner at or 252-744-3245

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Animal Facilities

The Department of Comparative Medicine comprises approximately 70,000 sq ft of animal housing and support space in the Brody Medical Science and Warren Life Science buildings. The animal care program and facilities are fully accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC, Intl). For more information about the Department of Comparative Medicine facilities visit their website at

Electron Microscope

Contact Dr. Knudson in Anatomy at 252-744-2851.

Freezer Program

The Invitrogen Freezer Program, located in the Biotechnology Building, has in-stock inventory of a variety of Invitrogen research products and offers rapid delivery for all of their catalog items and tissue culture media (typically within 2 days). Many items are discounted substantially from Invitrogen catalog prices and shipping is free. Contact us for current price information.

Thermo Fisher Invitrogen- Current Inventory (pdf)
Thermo Fisher Invitrogen - Supply Order Form (pdf)

Contact Lynn Hudson at or 252-744-3132.

PhosphorImage/Fluorescence Imaging Core Facility (PhIFI)

The Phosphor-Imaging/Fluorescence Imaging (PhIFI) core facility (Brody 5S-21) is available for use by all research laboratories on the East Campus and Brody Medical School of ECU. Labs must register annually with the Division of Research and Graduate Studies Office.

Contact Dr. Brett Keiper at or 252-744-2656.

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Core and Shared Facilities

Research and Graduate Studies core and shared facilities provide a service to East and West campus research faculty, for a minimal fee.

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