Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship

Educational Conferences

Educational Conferences

Participation and presentation at formal conferences are key components of our fellowship training program. The collective series is designed to provide fellows with a deeper understanding of both clinical and physiological aspects of neonatal-perinatal medicine, as well as an opportunity to develop their own critical and didactic skills.

  • Neonatal journal club. Journal club meetings are held twice each month. At one of these conferences there is a detailed presentation and in depth discussion of 1 or 2 current journal articles pertaining to neonatology. The second meeting each month is a brief review of interesting and thought provoking abstracts of 20-30 articles in the current months journals. These conferences are regularly attended by the neonatology faculty and fellows, as well as faculty from other relevant disciplines.

  • Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality. This monthly multidisciplinary conference has the fellow presenting a clinical summary, then leading a discussion into factors contributing to the morbidity and mortality in the case. Participation includes the neonatology faculty and fellows, as well as faculty in perinatology, pathology, genetics, and other disciplines as applicable.

  • Neonatal Physiology Lecture Series. This monthly presentation is provided by the neonatal fellows. The topics for this series repeat in a three year cycle allowing all fellows exposure to the entire curriculum without repetition. Much of the information presented is found in sections of the textbook "Fetal & Neonatal Physiology", but is also supplemented by additional source material in order to develop a comprehensive lecture on the individual topic. The fellow is responsible for summarizing and presenting the assigned topic. The lectures are attended by the neonatology faculty and fellows, as well as guest faculty from the pertinent discipline.

  • State of the Art Lecture Series.¬†This monthly series of lectures is provided by the Neonatology faculty as well as faculty from other relevant disciplines. These lectures are an in depth presentation of topics in clinical neonatology. Each presentation is designed to convey the current knowledge about an individual topic, including relevant basic science principles, diagnosis and management.

  • Combined Perinatology conference is held monthly. This informal conference is attended by the neonatology faculty and fellows, residents on NICU rotation, MFM faculty, and OB/Gyn residents. The content of this conference is highly variable, but usually is an informal case based discussion of a particularly interesting patient, condition, or dilemma (diagnostic, treatment, or ethical).

  • Dysmorphology Conference. This monthly fetal board conference is run by the MFM faculty, and includes multidisciplinary discussion of abnormal fetal ultrasound findings from the previous month. Participants include neonatology faculty and fellows, geneticists, pediatric surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, and pathologists.

  • Pediatric Grand Rounds. Held weekly, these traditional style conferences cover a wide variety of general pediatric topics. Many of these presentations are given by invited guest experts from throughout the country.