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Concepts Integration Labs

The College of Nursing Concepts Integration Labs (CILs) provide students of all levels with opportunities to combine nursing concepts and critical thinking with the practice of providing quality patient care. Each lab is stocked with the latest medical and simulation devices and tools available, so that it mimics real-world conditions as much as possible.

Clinical Education in a Classroom Environment

The labs help prepare future nurses by giving students a low-risk environment to learn and exercise core clinical skills. Undergraduate students receive procedure training and hone foundational skills such as checking vital signs, placing an IV and giving a bed bath. Graduate students learn advanced skills such as how to inject joints and suture wounds.

Once they've mastered the fundamentals, students are asked to integrate their clinical skills with problem-solving abilities during live patient scenarios played out using computerized patient manikins. The high-fidelity manikins talk, breathe and have fluctuating vital signs that can be pre-programmed or changed on the fly by a staff member behind the scenes. All activities in the labs are managed by a staff of expert nurse clinicians who design simulations and supervise trainings.