Student Resources

The Department of Nutrition Science provides numerous resources to assist in the learning process as well as provide memorable experiences for students. Such resources include the Nutrition Intervention and Research Laboratory (NIRL), the Dietetic Internship, as well as other resources. These resources are utilized by most, if not all students, at some point in their academic career.

The Nutrition Intervention and Research Laboratory

The Nutrition Intervention and Research Laboratory (NIRL) is located in the Department of Nutrition Science in the College of Human Ecology. In addition to providing infrastructure to support funded research and sponsored programs, the NIRL provides space and resources to train undergraduate and graduate students in research methodology. The NIRL contains an area for phlebotomy and blood storage, anthropometric equipment, a private subject/researcher data collection space, and a private counseling room.

Dietetic Internships

The dietetic internship is a program that qualifies graduates for the National Registration Examination for Dietitians. Successful completion of the examination allows students to become eligible to be licensed as dietitians in North Carolina and other states. Students who have completed their undergraduate (bachelor) degree and hold a recent Verification Statement from a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) are eligible to apply for this internship. Learn more about Dietetic Internships

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Department of Nutrition Science is considered a leader in undergraduate research at ECU. Our faculty integrate research and problem solving within many of our major courses. Further, many undergraduate students work directly with faculty on research projects. Many students present their research findings at the College and University Research Forums and at regional and national conferences each year. Nutrition Science students consistently place high in these competitions.

Other Learning Resources

Other learning resources that are available to students in Nutrition Science include basic research laboratories, the Golden Coral Culinary Center, and the Red Lobster/Darden Dining Room. The culinary center and dining room are shared resources with the School of Hospitality Leadership. Students utilize these areas to learn about food science as well as food safety and sanitation. Other laboratories that are utilized for faculty and student research are located on other parts of campus, including the Brody School of Medicine and the Department of Exercise Science.