Summit 2005

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2005 Summit

2nd Annual Pediatric Healthy Weight Summit

Harnessing the Power of Communication: Marketing and Its Influences on Childhood Obesity"

April 18, 2005
Monroe EAHEC Conference Center, Greenville, NC

The second annual Pediatric Healthy Weight Summit, held on April 18, 2005, raised awareness of the ways advertising companies target children and adolescents through food ads on TV and on the Internet, or through kid-friendly toys, games or coupons to promote their food products. Speakers addressed the medical, ethical and developmental issues related to the marketing of food to children. They also discussed how marketing and communication have been and can be used in a positive way to promote healthy eating and physical activity among youth. ECU faculty and staff from local community organizations presented abstracts from their work, which highlighted research or programs currently underway that address childhood obesity.

The summit had two programs: a day program, held at the Edwin W. Monroe AHEC Conference Center, which was primarily for health professionals, educators, researchers and others working in the arena of childhood obesity; and an evening program, held at the ECU Murphy Center, that was open to the general public and students.

Provided below are selected materials from the summit:

For more information about the 2005 summit, please contact Ms. Yancey Crawford, MPH, Program Coordinator, at